We run free workshops and courses on all aspects of broadcast PR and video production for those working for PR Agencies or In-House Communications teams.  Courses coming up include:

PR Podcasts – The Basics
In our view podcasts are having something of an overdue renaissance. There have never been so many available, the quality has arguably never been higher, and the market has become much more commercialised. But with so much competition how do you make sure your podcast gets the attention it deserves? Our workshop will look at what makes a great podcast: content, optimum duration, sound effects and music. We’ll also give you an overview of how to get your podcast in the spotlight. 82% of podcasts are downloaded from iTunes but there are things you can do to make your podcast stand out from the others.
When: 10th October 2019
Using Celebrities and Third Parties in Broadcast PR
Thinking of using celeb or third party spokesperson in your next campaign? This workshop takes an in depth look at what you can expect when you hire a spokesperson… and what will be expected of you. We’ve got loads of hints and tips from what makes a good spokesperson, to the questions you should always ask before engaging one. Using real campaign examples we’ll explain how you can get the most out of whoever’s fronting your campaign. We’ll even share our spokesperson contract with you.
When: 24th October 2019
The Power of Video in PR
It’s emotive, engaging and ultimately easy to consume – no wonder video is one of the most influential mediums we have in PR. The challenge is to make any investment in video as valuable as possible. This workshop looks at the different ways you can harness video to maximise this asset, including:
  • B-Roll for television
  • Online video packages that can be seeded online
  • Video for social media
Using real examples, we will look at the requirements and benefits of these different styles of video. We hope you’ll leave the workshop with lots of ideas for how you might use video in your next PR campaign.
When: 7th November 2019
10 Steps to Broadcast PR Heaven
Securing coverage on TV and radio can seem overwhelmingly difficult. Find out how to maximise on air opportunities in our one hour seminar. The workshop will give a broad overview as to what works – and what doesn’t!  We’ll consider radio days, selling in to television and how video production can be used to enhance a campaign. The workshop also  looks at the sorts of stories broadcast journalists love, suitable spokespeople, packaging up a story so it’s broadcast ready and much more. There’ll be lots of tips and for those who’ve not been in a radio studio before, and a look round our studio. 
When: 21st November 2019
Commissioning Video
The planning process of your PR video is crucial to its success. This course will break down the process of taking video from the first ideas right through to the final product. We will explore; 
  • All things to consider before the camera is switched on. 
  • The pre-production process. 
  • Different styles and content to use in your video. 
Whether you are filming corporate videos, B-roll, or videos for social media, our video production experts will help you ensure your PR video has the best possible foundations. 
When: 5th December 2019
Dissection of a Broadcast PR Campaign
Based on our own experience, we demonstrate how to secure some of the very best coverage on TV, online and on radio. Using a range of case studies, we break down the key elements of some successful broadcast PR campaigns we’ve been involved with – the highs and the lows!  The stories we show case range from all-singing and dancing campaigns, that involve radio, television and video to more simple, straight forward single media ones.     Date: Thursday, 19th December 2019, 16:30-1730 
When: 19th December 2019