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We run free workshops and courses on all aspects of broadcast PR and video production for those working for PR Agencies or In-House Communications teams.  Courses coming up include:

Given latest developments around Coronavirus, and the government encouraging people to work from home if they can, our programme of workshops will be delivered by webinar.   To get joining instructions please email Fay@shoutcommunications.co.uk

To watch recordings of our previous webinars, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYcw96vbp_Xr4w0Fg5qN6ueXXv7ZgNJt0

In the mood for broadcast?
Do you have clients who are interested in seeing their companies on television and radio?  Or perhaps they fancy taking editorial control with their own podcast series or online videos? Our digital workshop will talk through the basics of broadcast PR....what vehicles are available to get a brand on-air.   We will cover: radio days, TV coverage, video and podcast production and media training.    The goal is to anticipate questions you, the PR professional, are likely to be asked by your clients or boss…then provide you with the answers. This is topline stuff to hopefully inspire you to talk to clients (and, if you’re inhouse, bosses) about what might be possible for your future PR campaigns.
When: 1st October 2020
Zoom broadcast media training taster
This is a try before you buy mini session.  Even before the Coronavirus pandemic we were successfully delivering media training to clients via Zoom.   Predominantly this was for clients who had spokespeople in different countries and didn’t want the expense or inconvenience of flying them into London.  Since lockdown however, we’ve done even more. We believe the best spokespeople combine what the journalist wants from an interviewee with an effective communication of key messages.  And this is reflected in our media training. Training remotely works best on a 1:1 basis, although we can stretch to a couple of people.   For this taster session all attendees can participate in the short theory section, but then we will ask just a couple of people to get in the digital hot seat, to participate in a live interview and feedback.
When: 15th October 2020
Using celebrities and third parties in broadcast PR
Whether they’re a celebrity or an expert, having a third-party spokesperson takes the sting out of a commercial story.   Without question they will bring you significantly more coverage on radio and television than if you merely offer a corporate representative.   But the strategy is not without its pitfalls. The current news agenda is extremely busy and shows no sign of abating.   So, choosing the right spokesperson to front your campaign is more crucial than ever. This workshop takes an in depth look at what you can expect when you hire a spokesperson…and what will be expected of you.   It will include hints and tips, from what makes a good spokesperson, to the questions you should always ask before engaging one. Using real campaign examples, we’ll explain how you can get the most out of whoever’s fronting your campaign.  We’ll even share our spokesperson contract with you.
When: 29th October 2020
10 steps to broadcast PR heaven
Broadcast coverage is often seen as the icing on the cake in a PR campaign.   It’s difficult to secure, but the glory of appearing on radio and television is going to keep a client smiling for a long time. The current busy news agenda, with Coronavirus and Brexit still dominating the headlines, has brought about obvious challenges, but the broadcast opportunities are still there for stories presented in the right way. Our one-hour online workshop will give an overview as to what those opportunities are.   We’ll consider what broadcast journalists look for in a story and what’s needed to get the content on-air. We’ll be talking about radio days, TV coverage, video and podcast production and the importance of media training.
When: 12th November 2020
PR podcasts – the basics
In our view podcasts are having something of an overdue renaissance. There have never been so many available and the quality has arguably never been higher. But, with so much competition how do you make sure your podcast gets the attention it deserves? Our workshop will look at what makes a great podcast including content, optimum duration, sound effects and music. We’ll also examine what you can do to promote your podcast, once it's finished and ready to be found.
When: 26th November 2020
Dissection of a broadcast PR campaign
Based on our own experience, we demonstrate how to secure coverage on TV, radio and online. Using a range of different case studies, we break down the key elements to some of our recent successful broadcast PR campaigns. The case studies reflect different budgets and areas of broadcast PR - from an all-singing and dancing multimedia campaign, to a single service radio day, with optional TV.
When: 10th December 2020