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What is broadcast PR
We say broadcast PR is the cherry on the top of the cake.  Well, we would, wouldn’t we, as former broadcast journalists turned broadcast PR special...
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Launch of TalkTV
After months of anticipation, Talk TV finally launched on 25th April 2022. The station, owned by Rupert Murdoch,  is simulcast on talkRadio across th...
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Our Small Talk with GMB’s Deputy Editor, Sally Watson
Deputy Editor of ITV's Good Morning Britain, Sally Watson, was the latest speaker in our series of Small Talks. Sally has been there for six years, ha...
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What impact does a busy news agenda have on your broadcast PR campaign?  
Let’s face it, the news agenda hasn’t just been busy, it’s been frantic these last two years.   First Covid, then Partygate, now the Russian i...
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Latest radio listening figures show demand for speech content is strong
Covid-19 has changed many things and British radio listening habits is the latest to be pinpointed. The radio listening organisation RAJAR has produce...
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An Inside Look at Britain’s Got Talent
A trip to watch the live recording of Britain's Got Talent.  As experienced by Shout! Communications' broadcast consultant, Carl Hughes January is...
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Small Talk with Sky News, Head of Radio
As heard by Shout! Communications broadcast consultant Carl Hughes. Our most recent speaker in our on-going series of Small Talks, was Dave Terris, H...
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Future funding for the BBC
The Government is to end the BBC TV licence fee in 2027, replacing it with a new funding model.   This could include a subscription style model, suc...
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Broadcast Media Relations in 2022
In an unpredictable world, what might the next twelve months hold for the world of broadcast PR?    Whether you’re seeking earned coverage on rad...
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Small Talk with Sky News Ian King Live Programme
The latest speaker, in our ongoing series of Small Talks, was Scott Beasley.  Scott has just moved from Ian King Live where he was Assistant Editor, ...
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7 Tips for Christmas and New Year Broadcast PR Campaigns
Seven thoughts on booking in broadcast campaigns over December and January 1. Christmas only starts on 1st December Decorations may already be up ...
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BBC Business Correspondent Katie Prescott Small Talk
The latest guest in our on-going series of Small Talks was BBC Business Correspondent Katie Prescott.  Here is a summing up of what she said, as hear...
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RAJAR 2021
Ah! The night before RAJAR - I remember it well. After spending fifteen years as a presenter, producer, and content controller in commercial radio, I ...
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Broadcast PR, the basics
Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.  That’s what sprung to mind the other day, when we were asked, by a seasoned PR professional, to ...
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The pull of television
It’s not just broadcast PR clients that love television.   Media companies, whose foundations are built on print and sometimes radio, are finding ...
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Death of the Broadcast PR Studio?
  They say that good comes out of bad. With the pandemic and broadcast PR industry, that good is the boom in popularity of remote interviews. ...
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Not So Silly Silly-Season

The month of August is traditionally the height of the silly season – the time of year when so many people are away the news agenda is light.   But not this year.   The pandemic means the news agenda has never been busier.   Find out how to cut through and make the most of this not so silly silly season.  https://shoutcommunications.co.uk/blog/


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What “Freedom Day” Means for Broadcast PR
Monday 19th July 2021; an historic day, or so we thought. The final lifting of lockdown restrictions across the country was meant to be a joyous occas...
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Small Talk with BBC Breakfast Editor Richard Frediani
BBC Breakfast is the most-watched morning show on British Television, with 6 million viewers tuning in every morning.  It's a key target for any broa...
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A Perfect Story For Broadcast PR
Obtaining widespread media coverage is the goal of any broadcast PR campaign.  That said, some stories tend to land better than others.   Three nat...
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ITV News Small Talk
As heard by Shout! Communications Co-MD Keren Haynes At the heart of the news, the narrative For ITV News, it’s all about telling stories.   Tha...
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Why we all love radio PR
In the 18 years we've specialised in broadcast PR,  clients have never wavered in their love for radio days.   Other vehicles to get on air, such a...
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BBC Blueprint For The Future
The BBC has recently released a blueprint for what it calls its “biggest transformation in decades.”   Buoyed by record numbers of people using ...
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Small Talk with talkRADIO and Times Radio Show Biz Editor
It was great to welcome talkRADIO and Times Radio showbiz guru, Johnny Seifert, as guest speaker for our latest Small Talk event.   Johnny wears a l...
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Eighteen Years of Business Life Lessons
I don’t know what I was thinking.  I had a good job, a toddler and a baby.  But it was at that point my business partner and I decided we would th...
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Something to shout about, as we celebrate our 18th birthday
This month, Shout! Communications celebrates its 18th Birthday and I couldn’t be more proud.  Here’s the lowdown from how it all started until th...
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Lies, damned lies and statistics
It’s a common human trait to want to know what you’re going to get for your money, especially if you’re paying for a service such as broadcast P...
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Pensions Minister Thérèse Coffey – The Case For Media Training
Every now and then a little gem arrives upon our screens, a classic case of how NOT to handle a broadcast interview.   This week it was the gift of ...
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Because they’re worth it…Using celebrities as part of a broadcast PR campaign
By Joint MD Catherine Bayfield Celebrities add a sprinkle of glamour to campaigns and broadcasters love them.  And, from the client’s perspecti...
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Small Talk with ITV News
When viewers tune in to watch ITV News they already know what’s been going on, according to the programme’s Senior News Editor Arti Lukha.   Spe...
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Small Talk with Channel 5 News
Thanks to our speaker, Deputy Editor Jess Bulman who featured in our Small Talk in December.    As heard by Shout! Communications joint MD, Keren H...
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Broadcast PR in 2021
Convenient, flexible and future proofed.   That’s how the coronavirus has transformed the world of broadcast PR and we, a specialist broadcast PR ...
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Small Talk with Times Radio
A friendly, warm tone with people who know what they’re talking about…..that’s how producer Poppy Bullard described the radio station that emplo...
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Small Talk with Bauer Media
The speakers at our latest virtual Small Talk were Group MD Steve Parkinson and Entertainment Content Director Jo Parkerson.   As heard by Shout! C...
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The argument for B-roll
Never has there been a stronger argument for B-roll…..video illustrating  a PR story, that is given to broadcasters free of charge and any copyrigh...
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Commercial Local Radio Revolution
It happened like this decades ago, now it seems commercial radio is undergoing a similar resurgence today.      A new flurry of independent on...
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Small Talk with LBC
As heard by Shout! Communications joint Managing Director, Keren Haynes     Big name guests, phone-ins and controversial conversation.   ...
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5 reasons for using broadcast PR in your next campaign
Impossible to achieve, expensive and damned right scary…..broadcast PR is sometimes dismissed as being just too challenging.   Yes, it does have ...
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How to get more broadcast PR bang for your buck
PR budgets probably haven’t been squeezed as much as this since the 2008/9 recession.   And with the future marked with more uncertainty, how do y...
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Podcasts, The Basics
There is no stopping the current popularity of podcasts.  It’s estimated that more than 7 million people in the UK regularly listen to podcasts eac...
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Broadcast PR: What Now and What Next?
Two months in and as lockdown measures ease just a tiny bit, so does the news agenda, thankfully in favour of PR generated stories. It’s been a chal...
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Dominic Cummings: The case for media training
Whilst many will sympathise with the prospect of both parents being ill and no child care for a 4 year old, Dominic Cummings’ decision to travel fro...
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RAJAR’s Latest Listening Figures for Q1 2020 (January – March)
  Whilst Radio 2’s loss of almost a million listeners in the last year has garnered the most attention, with the publication of RAJAR’...
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10 steps to broadcast PR heaven, in a coronavirus hell!
It’s challenging, often frustrating and you have to hold your nerve, but it is more than possible to reach that nirvana of so many PR campaigns, tel...
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Dressing for the camera
A month officially into lockdown and Skype and Facetime interviews have become the norm on our television screens. Broadcasters no longer invite guest...
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Don’t just take it from us…
If you’ve been following our blogs or any of our posts on social media, you’ll have heard us say that there’s a growing appetite for stories oth...
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Case Studies In The Time of Coronavirus
Coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably dominated the news agenda, to the point that you might think no other stories would have a chance...
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The quickest commute to work
If you grew up in the 1980s you might remember a BBC 1 show called  called “Tomorrow’s World”, a programme which showcased what a future with t...
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Broadcast PR and Coronavirus – Remote Radio Days
  Ordinarily, the back to back interviews that make up our radio days are conducted from our studio in Bloomsbury, Central London. But we ...
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PR Planning and Coronavirus
It’s a bit like Brexit  Obviously, given recent developments  Coronavirus is going to be in every news bulletin.  With lives at risk of course ...
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Latest radio listening figures: Speech based stations on the up
Recent figures released by RAJAR (Feb 2020), the organisation that measures radio listening figures, are good news for talk based radio stations. Many...
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Controlled information or journalists throwing their toys out of the pram?
Number 10’s recent decision to order senior journalists, from some of the UK’s major news organisations, to leave Downing Street, before a briefin...
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BBC News Cuts 450 Jobs 
BBC News announced towards the end of the last month that they were cutting 450 jobs, all part of a plan to save £80m by 2022. The news came on th...
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Corinne Bishop, Deputy Editor, Good Morning Britain – Small Talk With Shout! Communications
Our last Small Talk of 2019 finished on a high, with our speaker Corinne Bishop, Deputy Editor of the Bafta nominated TV show Good Morning Britain.  ...
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Perfect Presentation Tips

It’s become expected practise that spokespeople will have received media training before appearing on radio and television, but presentation training is often overlooked.

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How to achieve international broadcast opportunities

Securing international broadcast coverage for clients is becoming much more prevalent and often the icing on the cake off the back of a successful UK campaign. Many clients have an EMEA and global brief too and selling into more than one territory is often a requirement.

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The Podcast Boom – Why should I start a podcast for my brand?

Content has evolved from mere repetition of radio programmes and extensions of these programmes to stand alone series, be they feature led, comedy, talk shows or drama documentaries. In PR terms we can exploit the opportunities offered by podcasting in a number of ways…

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Shout! Communications Big Talk – October 2019

We have held our Big Talk events for several years, but this was the first time we’ve had an all-radio and an all-female line-up. When it comes to PR stories, whilst many brands would love to find airtime with them, they’re a tough audience to please

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Why start your own radio station, as part of a broadcast PR campaign

On Friday 12th April, 2019, Shout! Communications broadcast its own online radio station.  Being a broadcast PR agency, we focused on broadcast PR. But the same framework could work for any brand and campaign, no matter what subject or who you want to reach. Having your own radio station is a unique and cost effective tool with which you can reach a wide or a niche audience

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The two main reasons for media training a broadcast spokesperson
The two main reasons for media training a broadcast spokesperson By Keren Haynes, Media Trainer There are two main reasons for media training a spo...
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What does a brand ambassador do? 
What is a brand ambassador?  A brand ambassador (or brand advocate) is a person who represents and promotes a company in a positive way.  They’r...
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How to start a podcast
How to start a podcast Podcasts have become an important tool for PR with many companies and brands setting up their own podcast series. Never has t...
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What is B-roll?
What is B-roll? The term ‘B-roll’ comes from the world of film where editors used to use an ‘A’ and a ‘B roll’ of identical footage, befor...
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89% of the population listen to radio
RAJAR Q2 2019 Breakdown

It’s RAJAR day! The Q2 2019 results are out and there are some major changes across national and regional radio in the UK.  We’re taking a look at those changes to see who’s come out on top this quarter…

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University of Love Island: How it can make or break Islanders’ future careers 

Love Island, it’s one of ITV 2’s most popular reality television series, with producers scrolling through thousands of applications each year. While it may seem life in the villa is all things glamorous, it is indeed a big risk for these (mostly) everyday beautiful people to leave their full time jobs and hope they stay in the series long enough to make an impact. Don’t get me wrong – most Islanders go on to make mega-bucks, but what about the ones that only hang on for a few days? Before we look at the successful future careers of the main attractions, we have to take a look at the ones who came in looking for love, but probably only left the show as unemployed.  

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Is Research Dead?

Research can sometimes have a bad reputation in PR circles, but in our experience, radio in particular still has an appetite for a story based on numbers.  Many of the most successful broadcast days we do are based around some sort of new research.  But with so much competition for air-time, how can you make your research appeal to broadcasters? 

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Profile interviews with PR agency founders and bosses: Steve Strickland & Gary Wheeldon – Talker Tailor Trouble Maker

The joint founders and owners of Talker Tailor Trouble Maker spoke to Shout! Communications co-founder Catherine Bayfield, on Shout! Digital Radio, earlier this year. 

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Small Talk with BBC Economics Correspondent, Andrew Verity

Andrew Verity told our audience at the latest Shout! Communications Small Talk. Andrew reports for radio and television across a range of BBC programmes. His main focus is economics, but he also works on investigative stories for programmes like Panorama. 

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Profile interviews with PR agency founders and bosses: Claire Walker, CEO, Firefly Communications Group 
In the latest series of profile interviews, I interviewed the person who gave me my first job in PR; Claire Walker, CEO of Firefly Communications Grou...
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The changing radio landscape & what it means for radio PR

Shout! Communications set up Shout! Digital Radio for a special day of broadcasting in which we covered many different aspects of the broadcast and PR landscape to hopefully spread some light on areas listeners may not know so much about. I invited Lyndsey Ferrigan from RAJAR to take part. She’s the communications manager for the organisation which is responsible for monitoring audience figures in the UK.  

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Profile interviews with PR agency founders and bosses: Andrew Bloch, Co-founder, Frank 

Shout! Communications co-founder Catherine Bayfield talked with some of the PR world’s biggest names, including Andrew Bloch, co-founder at Frank.

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BBC Asian Network Small Talk, With George Mann, Impact Editor

It’s a national, digital radio station which reaches over half a million people every week, but also one that is perhaps not as well understood as the more mainstream BBC stations. So it was with interest that we welcomed George Mann, Impact Editor at BBC Asian Network, to speak at one of our regular Shout! Communications Small Talks. 

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Latest RAJAR figures – Chris Evans boost for Virgin Radio

The radio industry has gone through a sea change these last few months, so RAJAR’s (Radio Joint Audience Research) latest audience figures were much anticipated. RAJAR are the official body for measuring the radio audience in the UK and release a quarterly report that details which stations have gained audience and those which have dropped.

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Marc Settle Small Talk: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionising Broadcast

In this digital age, it’s smart phones that rule the world; but are you using yours to its full potential? According to our recent Shout! Communications Small Talk speaker, Marc Settle, if you’re only using your phone for calls and texts, then you might as well have an old-school Nokia from the early 2000sMarc is the BBC’s trainer in mobile journalism and his insights were nothing short of extraordinary. Not only is mobile technology changing the way broadcast journalists work, it will change the way we view and interact with it as an audience too.

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Profile interviews with PR agency founders and bosses: Sarah Ogden, Head of Corporate Brand at 3 Monkeys Zeno 

The UK’s first radio station, dedicated to all things to do with public relations, recently took to the air, broadcasting online for a day. Shout! Digital Radio featured some of the biggest names in the industry and a programme called “Five At Four” show-cased profile interviews with founders and agency bosses including Sarah Ogden, Head of Corporate Brand at 3 Monkeys Zeno.  This is a transcript of some of the highlights from her interview with Shout! Communications Joint Managing Director, Catherine Bayfield:   

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The Benefits of an Outside Broadcast  

To OB, or not to OB? That is the question…Whilst many radio days can be completed from the comfort of our lovely Bloomsbury studio, there are some which can benefit from the atmosphere of an outside broadcast (OB).  

An OB typically consists of studio equipment which is set up in a remote location, outside of a studio. It means live and pre-recorded interviews can be conducted with more context and atmosphere. Potentially (technology allowing) it can be done from anywhere: an event, a ship-launch, a field…you are only limited by your imagination. So, if you’re tossing up the pros and cons of an OB for an upcoming campaign, this should give you more of an idea of what it’s all about.  

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Lessons Learnt: Running Your Own Radio Station

With trepidation, and ten seconds to go before the computer clock turned 1100, we pressed “Play” and Shout! Digital Radio was broadcasting.  And actually, for the one day we were on-air, it went really well.    

All our content for the six hours we broadcast last Friday (12th April, 2019) was pre-recorded and I think that was the right decision.  It meant that we could edit down and air the very best content from the amazing line-up of speakers who joined us.    I have a background as a radio and television journalist, which involved umpteen (sometimes heart-stopping) live broadcasts; but, for Shout! Digital Radio, there was reassurance in knowing all the interviewees were there – no one was going to be lost because of technology or on account of them going to our old studio address!   

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Why run your own radio station – as part of a broadcast PR campaign

On Friday 12th April, 2019, Shout! Communications is running its own radio station. We’ll be broadcasting online and talking about PR – with a special nod to broadcast PR, of course.  How the sector promotes itselfthe extent to which Brexit is affecting the industry and the big shake-ups that have taken place in radio so far this year, are just some of the topics that will be hitting the air-waves.   

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Shout! Communications Big Talk – March 2019

The “B” word. It’s topical, it’s divisive and you’ve probably not gone a day without mentioning it since at least June 2016.  We’re talking about Brexit. That was the topic of our latest Shout! Communications Big Talk event, where we asked a stellar line-up of senior broadcast editors to share their thoughts on the current political landscape.  

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Gender parity: ‘Female’ is the new F–word

The gender pay gap, HeForShe and #MeToo have pushed gender parity to the forefront of 21st century societal changes. Broadcast by definition includes the widest possible audiences; it, therefore, plays a unique and important role in this gender revolution.  TV and radio have a particular responsibility to accurately represent society, both in terms of who appears on our airwaves, and with the journalists who put the programmes together.

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Do-your-own radio station, as part of a PR Campaign

As much air-time as you desire and as many brand mentions as you can fit in….just a couple of the advantages of launching your own radio station. And that’s not as far fetched as it sounds. For a modest budget and a bit of effort any organisation or individual can “own” some of the airways as part of a dedicated broadcast PR campaign.

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The Global Effect – Is it Time for Local Radio to Fight Back?

Since the beginning of 2019, radio has faced many radical takeovers, with Bauer buying up Wireless Group’s local stations, Lincs FM Group and Celador Radio. This week has continued that pattern, only this time it was Global’s turn to make an announcement that will seriously shake up the radio landscape across the UK. 

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Using Technology To Maximise Radio PR  

Radio PR, radio days, radio studio days….whatever label you give to a PR campaign involving radio the number of listeners you can reach is massive, with nearly 48 million people in the UK tuning into the medium each week.

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The rise of the podcast: A force to be reckoned with

It’s crazy to think around 6 million UK adults are tuning in to podcasts every week. That’s a number that’s almost doubled in five years (from 3.2 million in 2013) according to the latest Ofcom figures.

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Latest RAJAR figures reveal interesting trends across the UK
Implications of the latest RAJAR figures for broadcast PR

The latest RAJAR figures are out and it’s good news for breakfast shows. For those of you not in the know, RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research and it’s the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK. The organisation is jointly owned by the BBC and Radiocentre, on behalf of the commercial sector. 

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Broadcast PR Campaigns Amidst Brexit

And just like that, January 2019 and all the broadcast PR campaigns about health and resolutions, has come to an end – over in a flash (or maybe not for those whose month has been drier than others). February often seems quite frantic and by March, ordinarily, the year has found its regular pace. Not this year though….

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Clash of the streaming titans

Netflix- the streaming giant has long been untouchable and on its own in the streaming market, with its main competitors unable to get close in terms of numbers and dominance of the market. The company recently announced that its year end subscribers total 139 million, and estimates it now has 10% of all screen time in the US.  But is 2019 the year that it’s competitors up their game?

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The Top PR Stunts & Campaigns of 2019… So Far!

We’re only a few weeks into 2019, and already we’ve seen some headline-catching PR campaigns taking the UK (and the world!) by storm.

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The “dark art” of PR dissected 

It’s been described by some journalists as “the dark art” and by disgruntled PR’s as an industry struggling to adjust, a profession which has many health issues and doesn’t like to self diagnose. It’s good to take a peak behind the PR curtain and as a PR practitioner I’m disappointed to see so much negativity and confusion about who we are and what we do. 

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Getting a word in edgeways…..(Or how not to get lost on a panel!) 

I was feeling less nervous than the previous time. I can’t have been that bad I thought, as I made my way to BBC Broadcasting House to take part in Radio 4’s The Media Show, or they wouldn’t have invited me back.

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Christmas Videos: the good, the bad and the ugly…  

Christmas videos:  you either love them or hate them. From Reuniting loved ones to a ‘wrapping’ Santa. We list some of our favourite corporate/ business Christmas videos for 2018. 

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I’m a Celeb Get Me Hired

We now know who the winner of “I’m A Celeb” is, but what happens next? Who is going to be hitting the screens and soundwaves with the PR pound behind them? As you may have seen on Sunday, Harry Redknapp was crowned king of the jungle, replacing his predecessor Georgia “Toff” Toffolo.

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Small Talk with Scott Beasley

The latest speaker in our long running series of Small Talks was Scott Beasley, Assistant Editor for Sky News’ “Ian King Live” programme.   The FTSE 100, macro economics, interest rates, smaller companies, technology and interesting characters are just some of the topics that float the “Ian King Live” boat.

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Holly Willoughby helps to break records

This year’s “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” is the most popular series to date, based on viewing figures, in the show’s 18-year history. But why is this group doing so well and why is watching celebrities eating fish eyes so entertaining? 

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What you should know about Broadcast PR

Broadcast PR. You hear us talk about it a lot- after all it’s what we live and breathe- but do you know what it actually is?  


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Using Broadcast PR in a new business pitch

The first thing to say about using broadcast is: don’t be scared of it! Often clients can shy away on the basis that they may not get sufficient return on their expenditure, and the slightly daunting fact they’re appearing on national stations. Of course, it can be intimidating but that’s what media training, third party spokespeople and editing are for! Let’s explain each step a bit more.

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The benefits of Broadcast PR

Clients measure success in different ways, but we find almost all of them consider radio and TV coverage to be the icing on the cake.

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The F word

The gender pay gap. He for She. #MeToo. Society is changing to become more inclusive and equal for women, and with that media organisations are under pressure to diversify their outputs. 

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‘Tis the season of change in broadcasting

The UK’s most popular station, BBC Radio 2, is facing the most upheaval, with both flagship breakfast and drive time shows being left in the lurch after their long-standing presenters left. Chris Evans quit live on-air in September after eight years at the primetime show to go back to his roots at Virgin Radio.

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Shout Communications’ Big Talk October 2018

Sally Watson kicked the event off with positivity about the growth of Good Morning Britain and breakfast audiences in general. She said ten million people tune in to live TV news every morning, and they rely on it for big news events such as the Grenfell fire.

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