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Podcast Distribution

So, we’ve helped you produce a fantastic podcast series. What then can you do with it?

We can support you with our distribution service, hosting your series on all the main platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.   The more platforms, the more listeners you will get. 

First impressions count.   In the same way that you might judge a book by its cover, factors like a catchy title and thumbnail for your podcast series are crucial. 

We will help you develop an effective distribution and promotion strategy, guiding you through the process from start to finish.




How to get your podcast on other platforms? 

To get your podcast onto a directory such as iTunes or Spotify you need an RSS feed. There are many ways of getting an RSS feed but the most common is using a hosting website such as Libsyn or Buzzsprout. Both are subscription services meaning you will pay a monthly fee for the service of hosting your podcast. 

The RSS feed means you can upload a podcast a week and it automatically sends out the newest episode to listeners who have subscribed. 


Attracting people 

There’s not much push in terms of visual when it comes to podcasts, the only chance you get is the thumbnail and although you shouldn’t just judge a book by its cover, research suggests design has a strong influence on whether a reader picks it up. The same is true with podcasts. When looking for a new podcast the first thing people will see is the cover art. With so much competition for listeners, the artwork has to stand out, in order to entice people to click. It’s critical. 

Colour and a simple design help – remember most people access podcasts via a smartphone, so they’re looking at a small screen. It should be 1400×1400 pixels. The title and image should also give a good idea about the content; try and avoid anything too obscure.  We support our podcast clients with all these elements. 

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