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Corporate Podcasts

Podcasts are an engaging and cost-effective way of communicating your brand messages to key audiences.

At Shout! Communications we offer all elements of podcast production:  from creative ideas and scripting, to professional recording and editing.  We create engaging content, tailored to the people you want to hear it.   This can include music, sound effects, voiceovers, the design of the podcast thumbnails and any graphics. 

Podcasts can be produced in our London studio or we can record on location. 


Why a branded podcast? 

Podcasts have achieved global popularity and have proved highly effective for companies and brands looking to engage with their target market.   

well-produced podcast series allows a business  to build a personal connection with their customers.   You can develop the opportunity to show people who you are, building up their trust in you so that they turn into potential customers and clients.    


Key benefits of podcasts 

  1. Brand awareness 
  2. Build up a community  
  3. Increases customers  
  4. Gives advantage over competitors


Avoid overly commercial content   

Content should reflect a business’ core values and is likely to relate to the company’s products or services, but it should not be an advert.    Every listener thinks their time is precious and in order to give up any of that time to listen to your podcast they need to be entertained.    

The skill in podcast production is to combine key messages with engaging content.   The commercial element of a podcast needs to be subtle; even the most loyal customer will stop listening if the podcast is one long sales pitch.     

Experts in your field, case studies and celebrities if your budget stretches that far, can all make effective interviewees.    


How we can help you 

We have great knowledge and experience in producing audio to a high standard.    Bring us in at an early stage and we can guide you with the creative treatment, suggestions of contributors and much more.    

Pre-production planning would include questions like:   

  • What the podcast going to sound like  
  • Sound effects 
  • Music  
  • Length  
  • Engaging and interesting guests 
  • Timeframe 

To create the perfect podcast series please email  

hello@shoutcommunications.co.uk or call us on 020 7240 7373 


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