Based in Bloomsbury, in Central London, our studio can facilitate: podcast production, ISDN down-the-line radio campaigns, voiceover recording and radio and TV media training.

Modern, spacious and with natural light, the studio has been designed for the comfort of clients. We use the studio for podcast production; radio, television and print media training; and down-the-line, ISDN radio campaigns, during which we broadcast live to BBC and commercial radio stations around the country.


The studio has an acoustically treated sound booth that comfortably sits two spokespeople and can be refigured for podcast recording to accommodate up to four. It looks out onto the production desk, so the spokespeople can make eye to eye contact with the producer, as well as hear them through headphones.

We are fully compatible with BBC and commercial stations, via ISDN and IPN connections and use state of the art Neumann TLM 103 microphones. That means high quality interviews and sound recordings, all the better to please the broadcasters and podcast listeners. We edit with Pro Tools software.


For broadcast media training we set up our broadcast quality camera kit in the green room, complete with professional lights, down-the-line equipment, green screen and play back facilities. The studio is set out so we can provide a variety of scenarios, including one-to-one television, down-the-line and sofa interviews.


The space is equally adaptable for podcast production. A generous green room area, adjacent to the sound booth, can facilitate several people. Plus, there is an adjoining meeting room, suitable for additional print interviews and filming if required.

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