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Radio PR & Radio Days

Around 90% of UK adults tune in to radio every week. We can help you reach this audience with our creative and targeted radio media relations campaigns.  

We guarantee our radio coverage

Typically you will get a minimum of 10-12 opportunities across BBC and commercial, national and regional radio stations with a weekly reach of at least a million listeners.   We expect 1-2 of these at least to be nationals. Of course, we may get much more and frequently do.   

We give our guarantee confidently.  Our media consultants are skilled at creating radio PR campaigns because many of them have worked as broadcast journalists themselves.   We have the contacts and the know-how to get your story broadcast. 

How we work

Client happiness with a radio day rests with the question:  what matters most to you?   At the start of a campaign we ask, which two of five elements, are most important:  

  • Number of interviews 
  • Quality of stations 
  • Key messages communicated  
  • Brand mentions  
  • Total listener reach 

Depending on your answerwe then tailor the story to suit the stations who will provide you with what you want.   If, for example, key messages communicated is the most significant aspect of the campaign for you, we will endeavour to secure as many live interviews as possible.  Live interviews give you longer on air and more editorial control, therefore your spokesperson has a better chance of communicating more key messages.  

Often, we write several press releases, each with a different spokesperson in mind.    


Whilst the quality and quantity of our coverage remains similar to what it was pre-pandemic, the way we organise a radio day has changed, probably forever.   There is no longer any reason for a radio day to take place in a studio, instead broadcasters say they will continue conducting interviews remotely, as they have been doing since the start of the pandemic.  The BBC prefers using FaceTime via an iPhone and commercial stations favour Zoom.

Broadcasters are happy with the sound quality and spokespeople and clients love the convenience of being able to talk from home.

Moving forward, once we’re through the worst of the pandemic we will be offering our pop up radio studio, which can be operated from a client’s office, a PR agency, someone’s home or a hotel – wherever you like.

Other than that our radio days continue to include:

  • Pre campaign consultation – including support with research (which we can do for you), spokespeople and their contracts, story developmentSee other services. 
  • Drafting of all press releases.   Depending on the story we might write several, tailored for different outlets 
  • Selling in to all national and regional, BBC and commercial radio stations.    
  • We guarantee a minimum of 10-12 opportunities with a reach of at least a million – but typically we are more likely to get 15-20 and last year our reach averaged 4.5 million.   We expect 1-2 of these at least to be nationals.    
  • As much studio time as required, along with our producer and sound engineer  
  • Recording of a free podcast  
  • A national sweep to see if any stations used the copy but didn’t do an interview 
  • All the audio from the interviews  

As part of our radio days we may also secure interviews for your spokespeople on podcasts produced by third parties. 

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