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Podcast Production

In our view, podcasts are having something of an overdue renaissance – there have never been so many available and of such high quality

We can help you get your podcast in the spotlight:  from production, to editing and everything in between, we will make your podcast stand out from the competition.

From corporate podcasts to podcast distribution, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our team at Shout! Communications have a vast knowledge when it comes to audio production and how to get the best results.  

Podcasts are an effective way to communicate a brand’s key messages, building up a loyal listenership and exploring niche topics in much more detail than television or radio are ever able to do.    


Why do we love a podcast? 

The way we consume audio is constantly changing and podcasts are riding the crest of a wave with over 54 million podcast episodes currently available worldwide.  

Convenient, easy to consume and whatever your interest you’ll find something to suit your tastes.    Podcasts have the intimacy and familiarity of radio; we love audio because we feel that the presenter or contributor is reaching out to us directly.    

Entertainment is the most popular podcast genre, followed by comedy, then discussion and talk shows, something to reflect when deciding the content for a PR campaign.    

In terms of PR, podcasts are an excellent choice because they have can have a long shelf life and are the fraction the price of producing a video or a radio programme.  Broadcast is broad by name and nature, but the cost-effectiveness of podcast production means you can target a niche audience but still be financially viable.    

Podcast Production Services

Podcasts are an engaging and cost-effective way of communicating your brand messages to key audiences.

So, we’ve helped you produce a fantastic podcast series. What then can you do with it?

Based in Bloomsbury, in Central London, our studio can facilitate:  podcast production, ISDN down-the-line radio campaigns, voiceover recording and radio and TV media training.


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