We use our expertise to produce engaging content, creative and compelling video, suitable for all sorts of social media.

We specialise in making corporate social content. Short form video content is 40 times more likely to be shared than the written word. It’s therefore perfect for brand awareness, driving engagement and building a community of loyal customers.

All our filming is produced so that it can be re-purposed in different ways, giving you the best ROI. Shout! Communications is run by broadcast professionals, so our production values are of the highest standard.

Tips for social media video content

  • Keep it simple. Short form video needs to grab an audience straight away and be easily digestible.
  • Consider how social media video is viewed. Most likely it will be seen on a phone or mobile device with a small screen. That means filming the subject close up. If you try to show a large physical space on a small screen you’re not going to be able to see any detail. We also recommend putting sub-titles, in case the video is being viewed on the hoof, without sound.
  • Branding. A social media video can have more branding than video placed on television for example. But it still shouldn’t look like an advert. Over branding can put an audience off.
  • Quality. Whilst it’s easy for anyone to knock out a video on a mobile phone that doesn’t mean it’s any good. Bad sound and picture quality can easily generate negative brand associations.
  • You may want video to appear on multiple platforms but think who your target audience is before doing this. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, FaceBook, TikTok…..whatever channel you have in mind the audiences are going to be different for each, therefore the content and style of your video should be changed to reflect this.

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