Our London based spokesperson media training aims to make your spokesperson an accomplished and confident performer – one that television broadcasters will want to invite back.


We offer tailor made media and spokesperson training courses in television, radio, print and social media. There are two main goals to our media training: learning how to communicate key messages effectively. This will help your spokesperson generate maximum impact from every interview they do.


All of our media spokesperson training sessions are bespoke, and the emphasis is on practical training rather than an abundance of theory. It is important that spokespeople understand the broadcast landscape, how much branding is too much branding – how to present yourself in the best light in terms of body language, what to wear or not to wear. The goal of our media training is to assist and prepare you for your role in representing your company or organisation. You'll learn how to predict questions, avoid common traps, and focus on delivering your key messages.


Each of the modules are highly relevant to being a successful spokesperson. Our radio training sessions help delegates perfect the art of the perfect soundbite – useful not only for a clip for a news programme but to master the art of a perfectly timed response for any interview. We focus not just on the messaging and content but the intonation and pace and whether overall from the radio station’s perspective its been good ‘ conversation’ too.


We focus on ensuring that each appearance is a ‘ Performance’ and our recommendation to all we train is that if possible, agree to a live TV interview. Live interviews are good news! Not only do you typically get longer on air than with a pre-recorded TV interview, but they also allow you to have much more editorial control.

The downside is that you’re under more pressure to perform and TV is all about how you perform in the few minutes you have on air. That doesn’t mean that you are an ‘all singing all dancing’ performer but that you are an entertaining guest. Our training will ensure that you are supporting broadcasters with their aim to keep their viewers engaged and ensure that their programme has the highest audience figures.

Mastering ‘Down the Line’ interviews whether that is via Zoom or Skype, a live location or a remote studio is another key focus of our media spokesperson training. They’re the most challenging of interviews and spokespeople are trained to maintain eye contact, looking directly ‘down-the-barrel’ – of the camera whether it is on your lap top or device or in a studio setting.

But there are some rules of engagement to help you prepare for a TV interview: and this is covered in our live and pre-recorded TV interview practise.

  • The guest needs to be entertaining: they enthuse and engage the audience with the topic.
  • They’re authoritative: the audience needs to believe what they say.
  • They have a view: broadcasters don’t want a spokesperson who sits on the fence, they need to have an opinion.


Our groups are small – ideally no more than 3 or 4 in each session and we are able to divide the day into blocks to suit your needs. Ideally those with similar experience together or an advanced solo session of a couple of house for a more senior CEO or C-Suite spokesperson who needs a ‘refresher’. Delegates are trained through a highly immersive and realistic media experience remotely online via a video link, your preferred work premises or in our Central London partner studios. Our service includes written detailed confidential feedback and recordings of all audio and video material.

Outline of course, timetable for the morning review of participants’ needs.
What broadcast journalists want.  Tricks and traps.  Advice on the techniques of working key messages into answers and

how to handle hard and persistent questioning.

One to one pre-recorded radio interview. Objective to record a sound bite and ensure key messages communicated.

Spokesperson takes centre stage for an interview, followed by feedback on how they performed.

Live Radio interview and play back with detailed feedback
Phone check/ Coffee break
TV pre-recorded interview for news clip play back followed by analysis
LIVE Zoom TV interview with analysis

Who can benefit from Shout! Spokesperson training courses?


Media training is essential for businesses that want to communicate effectively with broadcast media– and just as important to influence the public too. Our training can prepare you for the good news announcements and support your brand during a crisis. Broadcast spokesperson training helps businesses build authority and trust with your chosen audience. Media appearances can be intimidating, especially if your team has never had to face broadcast media. With our support and guidance, the experience will be less daunting, and you’ll be able to see the benefits that successful media coverage can bring.


Many of our clients are influential experts in their designated field – not representing a company but wanting to raise their own media profile and our spokespeople training ensures that they stand out from the crowd and are repeat guests. Our focus is on talking outside of your comfort zone to offer comment on breaking news stories.


Media training can also help build confidence and hone your presentation skills. Many spokespeople don’t naturally want to be in the spotlight but because of their seniority have the responsibility to be the ‘ face’ of their brand or organisation. Our training will ensure that you can take on each broadcast opportunity to use it to your benefit and to further your career. Appearing on radio and TV (Media exposure) can improve your profile not only within your own workplace but also in your industry. This opens the doors for other brands/businesses to approach you for partnerships or job offers and allows you to expand your network.

Trainers who were Broadcast Journalists

Our expert trainers will ensure that even the most reluctant spokesperson is equipped and comfortable speaking to broadcasters. Media training is essential before accepting a broadcast interview and it’s expected by TV and radio producers.


Our media training and spokesperson training knowledge is immense, based on many years’ experience as broadcast journalists and public relations professionals – in our view, the perfect foundation for successful media training.

We know all the tricks and traps that journalists use to elicit information spokespeople don’t want to impart with, including the ‘innocent’ head nodding waiting for someone to fill air and say the one response they didn’t want to go out on air or in print.

Between us we have trained hundreds of delegates and organisations, with bespoke media training courses, fine-tuned to their specific needs. This ranges from senior CEOs of FTSE 100 companies and founders of start-ups, to charities and NGOs.


One size most definitely doesn’t fit all, which is why our training programmes are always individually tailored. Each spokesperson comes to us with their own very specific needs; this could be confidence building or quite the opposite, when we try and discourage arrogance or contempt, characteristics which are quickly picked up by the audience or reader.

Our courses are largely practical, using trainers experienced in journalism and PR, alongside professional technical people. Spokespeople take part in multiple interviews, each one followed by in-depth feedback and analysis. We can train via Zoom, which has become a popular option, or on location or in a studio.

Why Use Shout! Communications

  • our trainers all have journalistic and PR experience, therefore are perfectly placed to deliver the best training
  • our courses are tailor-made to suit your needs
  • we offer a variety of ways of delivering our media training services, including studio based, on location and online spokesperson training courses.


  • Understand and deliver the types of stories journalists want to hear
  • Identify and deliver your key messages in media friendly soundbites
  • Present yourself to best effect for camera
  • Read and adapt your body language and tone of voice
  • Prepare for specific interviews, live, pre-recorded and in print
  • Turn a negative story into positive messaging

Following the training we provide you with a copy of all the recorded interviews and with print, a written quote or short article, based on an interview done in the training. We give you a written report on each delegate containing observations and tips.

Read more about our media and spokesperson training by clicking here.https://shoutcommunications.co.uk/blog/media-training/

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