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Corporate Video Production

Our corporate video production service employs the latest filming and editing techniques that result in highly polished, motivating films to support your corporate PR strategy. 

Highly produced, branded and with a focus on your key marketing messages, corporate videos are often considered the ultimate sales tool.

Video is one of the most effective tools when it comes to corporate communication.  Whether it’s used on your website, internally, posted on YouTube or played at industry events, a corporate film is a powerful way to communicate key messages.  

Our in-house creative teams provide corporate video production services for government departments, household name brands, charities and many others. Our producers and crews have worked in national television so understand the ingredients required to keep an audience engaged.  

Shout! Communications is constantly innovating. We use the latest production techniques and technologies to provide cutting-edge content, for a media savvy audience.  Have a look at our production showreel to see how high production values can result in a beautiful glossy end product:  

Sometimes, however, visuals are lacking.  That’s when you can appreciate excellent editing techniques and graphics.  See our graphics showreel for some examples: 

Unlike other PR video, corporate films are commissioned with longevity in mind, so you need to get it right.   For us that means a strictly enforced approvals procedure and detailed planning in the pre-production stage.  From creative concept to production logistics, we can help you very step of the way.

Pre Production 

This process begins with asking you what you hope the video will achieve.   Is it about brand awareness or is there a call to action at the end?   What are your key messages?   Do you have a vision of the finished video or can we give you suggestions for the creative treatment?  Who is to be filmed and where?   Who needs to approve the video?   

Based on your answers we will produce a story board – a minute by minute written description of what the end product could look and sound like.     

Risk assessments, call sheets and shot lists then follow.   


By the time the camera is turned on ready to shoot the first footage you should have a good idea of what you expect us to film.   We hope you’ll enjoy your corporate video for a long time to come and that’s why we encourage you come on any shoots, so you can see for yourself what’s being done.  If you can’t, that’s no problem and we can film in your absence, having already discussed with you in detail the creative content.    


You’re also invited to sit in on all or part of the edit.   Alternatively you can review the material at different stages of the process online.     

This is your film and we want you to feel in complete control of what you have commissioned us to do.   

We allow for two rounds of changes of the finished video.   This means you can tell us of any number of changes you would like made on two occasions.    


At Shout! Communications we also have a wide range of equipment which adds high production value to your corporate video.   Polished, highly produced and with more branding, corporate videos are by their nature a cut above any other PR video.  We often make use of our video toys, such as jibs or sliders, to produce a glossy finish.

For example, have you ever wondered what can be achieved using green screen?  Have a look at our video which can show you what’s possible: 

Or watch this video which showcases the kind of shots you can achieve with a jib 


Here’s an example of a video we made for Founders Forum in Dusseldorf

or a video we made for transport company Hoyer.

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