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What is broadcast PR


We say broadcast PR is the cherry on the top of the cake.  Well, we would, wouldn’t we, as former broadcast journalists turned broadcast PR specialists.   But we know, from the reaction we get from clients, in the nineteen years we’ve been in business, that so often opportunities on radio and television are the ones that really thrill.

Broadcast PR, the definition

Broadcast PR means promoting a brand, or a person, or a campaign on radio, television and online.   Services include everything you might need to get on-air, editorially and when you decide to self-broadcast too, from:

  • Radio days. Coverage across the UK on BBC and commercial regional and national radio stations.
  • TV media relations. Coverage on regional, national and international stations.
  • Media training. Teaching spokespeople the fine line between giving the journalist the content they’re looking for and communicating your own key messages.
  • Video production. From B-roll for television and corporate videos, to online and social media shorties.
  • Podcast production. We can support you with pre-production, scripting, recording, editing and distribution.
  • PR survey research.
  • Third party spokesperson sourcing. Taking the commercial sting out of a story, we can find the best brand ambassador to front your campaign.

Why do clients love broadcast PR

Firstly it’s the knowledge that your brand and key messaging has reached millions of people.   Even specialist programming, such as business news, has mass audiences.   Online does that too, but is sometimes perceived as lacking the credibility that broadcast has, both on news bulletins and live chat shows.

The Credibility of Broadcast

As far as the journalists go, broadcast news is mainly the straight forward communications of facts.  With a few notable exceptions, broadcast journalists are not often given license to express their own opinions.   They’re OFCOM regulated and the BBC has its own Producer Guidelines, meaning you can trust what you see and hear.   And that’s where the credibility comes from.

Add to that the thrill of live broadcasting and being interviewed by a well-known voice or face and you generally have happy clients.

Do I need a specialist broadcast PR agency

A lot of our clients are PR agencies and nearly all of them dabble in a bit of broadcast PR.   If the story or spokesperson is good enough the story might fly.    But for most PR stories the road to coverage tends to be tougher.   That’s when you might consider outsourcing to broadcast PR specialists.

Why?   Because we deal with broadcast journalists every day.   We know who they are, what they want and who they want to interview.   To make your story as attractive to journalists as possible we write our releases like a broadcast cue.   That means a strong top line that can be summed up in a short sentence.  We make it newsworthy, digging out the best angle to get your story talked about.

Knowing your way round

Broadcast PR isn’t always a straightforward beast.  And it’s knowing who to go to next, when the planning desk has rejected your story, that makes the difference – the producer behind the correspondent, the specialists, the programme editor when it all goes wrong…. All our media relations team have a background in broadcast and we’ll use that to your advantage.

Scale and timing is another reason for outsourcing broadcast PR.   National radio and television stations particularly often make their decision to run a story at the last minute – the day before or even on the day itself.   So that’s a lot of calls to make to maximise broadcast coverage.

Can we help you?

If you’d like to know more about how we could help you, drop us an email at hello@shoutcommunications.co.uk or call us on 020 7240 7373.   We’re always happy to have a chat.





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