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24. Feb 2023

Our first Small Talk speaker of 2023 was Times Radio editor, Henry Tribe.   Henry says he gets around twenty PR generated emails a day, each arguing why he should take their story over any other.   Of these he takes, on average, one.    If you want your client or brand on Times Radio it’s worth reading […]

What is a PR campaign - Shows a collection of broadcaster logos
10. Feb 2023

What is a PR campaign. Public relations is about managing reputation.   Central to this is how other people perceive you and/or your organisation.  We all want to be seen in a positive light.   Our blog explains how you can go about doing this, from defining your target audience, through to strategy and delivery.

7. Feb 2023

In this Shout! Communications Big Talk event, we spoke to ITV’s This Morning Editor, Martin Frizell. Read the full interview in this blog post.

24. Jul 2022

It’s probably one of the questions we get asked the most:  ‘How to prepare for a media interview’, and in particular, a TV appearance.  It can be daunting, even when the interview isn’t controversial.   Why put yourself through it? TV interviews can be a great opportunity to get your key messages across to a […]

11. May 2022

After months of anticipation, Talk TV finally launched on 25th April 2022. The station, owned by Rupert Murdoch, is simulcast on talkRadio across the UK.

25. Apr 2022

Deputy Editor of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Sally Watson, was the latest speaker in our series of Small Talks. Sally has been there for six years, having moved from the BBC where she was in charge of planning for BBC Breakfast.

12. Apr 2022

Convenient, flexible and future proofed. That’s how the coronavirus has transformed the world of broadcast PR and we, a specialist broadcast PR agency, expect our clients to see all the benefits of this in 2021.

8. Mar 2022

Let’s face it, the news agenda hasn’t just been busy, it’s been frantic these last two years. First Covid, then Partygate, now the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

18. Feb 2022

Covid-19 has changed many things and British radio listening habits is the latest to be pinpointed. The radio listening organisation RAJAR has produced what is only its second set of data since the pandemic began.