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Specialist Filming and Editing

However big or challenging the project we offer a full range of specialist filming solutions, from aerial and underwater filming, to night vision and action cameras. 

Shout! Communications’ technical support is varied and far-reaching and we’re confident we can support you with almost any challenge you throw at us.  

A lot of PR video is very straight forward, but there are occasions when you need to go the extra mile.   

Services include:  

  • Multi camera production units.  Used to cover big, one-off events that can’t be repeated.    It’s also useful to have at least two cameras on a food shoot, to ensure continuity.    
  • Live streaming to internet or intranet websites.   For Facebook or straight to a company website.   Works well for sensitive topics or for a targeted audience, such as company shareholders.   
  • Cherry pickers (to film from a height).   Gives a “top shot” of an event, when you want to show scale, such as a crowd of people.    
  • Underwater filming.  
  • Helicopter and drone filming.  There are restrictions about using a drone near people and you can’t fly in high winds.   Helicopter filming is more resilient but more expensive.    
  • Green-screen filming.  This can be done in a studio or we have a portable one.
  • Night vision cameras  
  • Go-pro stunt and action cameras
  • Graphics and animation  

Corporate video, for example, needs to be slick and highly produced, because it’s a sales tool you will use for an indefinite time.   Showing your company at its best is worth the investment