The Story

This campaign for desk top e-mail experts Mailbird was about email etiquette.  In particular it looked at the dos and don’ts of e-mailing at work. 

The research found more than a quarter of adults have landed themselves in hot water after sending a ‘strongly worded’ business email. As a result of this, one in five of them received a telling off from the boss.  One in ten were forced to write an apology.

Other annoyances were ‘text speak’ and using ‘reply all’ when the e-mail only needs to be sent to one person.

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What We Did

With so many of us working remotely the boundaries between office and home life are sometimes skewed.   The backbone of the campaign was a survey reflecting this “new norm”, reminding workers about email etiquette.   

In addition to the research findings we recommended that Mailbird, as an authority on e-mails, should produce best practice rules for business communication. These were used extensively by broadcasters during interviews.

UK and USA broadcast coverage

The sell-in was for the UK and US with New York a particularly important market for the brand so we offered an exclusive to WPIX – part of CBS group.


This was a challenging and unusual sell-in as there was no third-party spokesperson.   We normally recommend a third party spokesperson to take the commercial sting out of the story.  Typically we can double the number of interviews we can secure if we have an independent spokesperson.   


That said, coverage was widespread.   This was a timely and relatable story.   There were also compelling stats for the U.S and the UK, ensuring this campaign really appealed to broadcasters. We secured 15 interviews with a total reach of 9 million.  This included PIX TV in the USA whose interview ran for almost 10 minutes.

Listen to some of our radio coverage here:

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