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Outside Broadcasts

Using top of the range equipment, we can facilitate Outside Broadcasts for radio, television and online, from anywhere in the UK or beyond.

Why an outside broadcast?

Whilst many broadcast campaigns take place from the comfort of a studio, there are occasions when hooking up, with radio and television programmes or social media, from an outside location is so much better.     

OBs can bring a story to life. How much better if you’re talking about farming to see and/or hear the countryside in the background?  Or with a product launch, to go to the factory where it’s made and listen to the spokesperson’s interview against a background of machinery? Or with an industry show, broadcast from the NEC or Excel capturing all the buzz and excitement of the occasion.    

Our OB experience

Our technical support includes “pop-up” radio studios, TV satellite trucks, LiveU boxes and streaming services.  

We’ve hosted radio days in all sorts of unusual locations from Wimbledon Common and the side of a cruise ship, to awards ceremonies and national monuments.  Radio OBs are about convenience and atmosphere 

Whether you’re wanting a traditional radio day, a morning of live television interviews or a live stream to Facebook, an OB can hugely enhance a campaign’s reach.     


Want more tips on running an OB? Read our blog. 

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