9. Nov 2023

Video and podcasts share several qualities.   They’re both emotive, engaging and ultimately easy to consume.   This makes them the most influential mediums when it comes to PR.

The challenge is to make any investment, in audio or video content, as valuable as possible.   This workshop looks at the different ways you can harness video to its greatest use, including:

  • B-roll for television
  • Online video packages for websites and social media

We’ll also look at podcast production.  There have never been so many podcasts available and the quality has arguably never been higher.  How then do you ensure your podcast gets the attention it deserves.

For both video and podcast production, the key is preparation – understanding what you’re hoping to achieve from the production before anything is even recorded.     Who are you targeting?  What effect are you hoping your video or podcast production will have on them?

This workshop is going to be a very busy hour!

More Events

10. Mar 2022

We’re excited to announce that we’re holding our first in-person Big Talk, since before the pandemic.   And, as ever, we have a fantastic line-up of speakers from the highest ranks of broadcast news. First up, is Jonathan Aspinwall, Executive Editor of BBC News Podcasts, including the much listened to Newscast.   Then we have […]

8. Mar 2022

This is the second of two in-person workshops we’re offering on 10th October, in Central London. During this on hour masterclass, we will talk you through the principles of what makes an excellent PR spokesperson for television.  The theory will be combined with a practical session, during which one or more participants will be invited […]

7. Mar 2022

This in-person workshop will look at the different vehicles you can use to secure on-air opportunities for PR generated campaigns, on radio, television and podcasts.   We’ll look at radio days, TV sell-ins and editorial placement on other brands’ podcasts.   In addition we’ll talk about how B-roll video footage can increase coverage on television. […]