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Online PR Video Production

We use our expertise to produce engaging content and offer compelling online video production services that will result in coverage for our clients online.  

Shout! Communications is run by broadcast professionals, so our production values are of the highest standard. That’s why the biggest and most popular websites are keen to use the material we produce.  

We will always brainstorm to come up with creative video content, using a wide range of ideas, techniques and equipment.  

Mainstream websites, such as newspapers online, have become more selective about the videos they use.   Less is definitely more now, so an online video needs to be short, probably around 1’.15” long.    The interviewees need to tell the story, without the need for a reporter voice-over.    

Food, celebrities and health remain popular topics, but PR videos compete with clips of TV shows and amateur made viral videos too.  It’s a competitive world, so you need to get the style and format of an online PR video right.    

The most successful online PR videos are based on a story and are visually interesting.   Most websites prefer them to have a music bed, and some like sub-titles too – an element that needs to be factored in before filming starts.  

All clients want a good return on investment, so if we’re editing a video for online we’re likely to re-edit it for social media (with more branding) 

Here are a couple of examples of online videos that we think worked really well

International Cricket Council – Chris Hughes


Asda Food School

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