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PR Survey Research

Good research is the backbone of many PR campaigns. Crucially, our surveys result in stories that broadcast journalists want to use. 

How we can help

Whether you want to reach as broad an audience as possible, or have a specific, niche audience in mind, we can help to create a story that meets your campaign objectives with our research.    

Working with our longstanding research partners we can build the statistical basis needed for a successful survey story that will meet your campaign objectives.  This will give you the genuine consumer insight and public opinion that broadcasters appreciate in a story.    

Our journalistic background means we can suggest topics, questions and story top lines that will work really well for broadcast, as well as across your campaign. 

What to expect for best coverage

To ensure the best coverage from research-based stories you need to ensure you’ve got a sample base of at least 1, 000 people.   2, 000 is more credible.   People questioned should be spread across the country, for national and regional stations.  That’s because if it’s skewed to a particular region then it’s not truly representative.    

The greater the breakdown of research across the country the better the coverage.  Regional radio wants people in their patch to be questioned.  We recommend having at least 10-12 regions.   You could also consider commissioning research in particular cities; that reduces the number of stations who’ll be interested, but increases your chances of coverage in these cities.    

For national stations, including BBC Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we recommend polling at least 200 people.   Smaller sample bases are only acceptable when a specific group of people are questioned, for example, if everyone questioned was a managing director, or a parent with a child under five.  

Other forms of research

Other ways of using research as the basis of a PR story include Freedom of Information requests, which can take a while to obtain but often form the basis of a good solid story, as they come from official sources.   Industry statistics, using a company’s own information can also give an insight that journalists appreciate.   Or academic research, for which a brand teams up with a university department for example, adds huge credibility to a PR campaign.