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Online PR Services

More news and lifestyle websites than ever before want video content. We can help you reach the audience most relevant to your brand or clients with our guaranteed editorial coverage.

Our expert media relations team

Our media relations’ team maintains excellent relationships with online journalists and can place editorial video content on a huge variety of websites.

We can target sites that are specifically relevant to your brand. This includes mainstream news and lifestyle websites, but we also have extensive experience in areas such as health, food, technology and youth.

Many of our team have journalistic backgrounds, meaning we understand which stories appeal to news desks and website editors and how much branding is appropriate. We see online as the perfect complement to a print sell-in and can work alongside you to maximise coverage. Just remember to dove tail all the mediums so no media gets left out.

Understanding the market

Having a celebrity or third party who are trending will also help to ensure your footage is used.

Competition to place video online is fierce.   Websites prefer to generate their own content, or, if the content does belong to a particular owner that it’s obvious – clips from daytime TV shows would be a good example of this.   The broadcasters themselves are releasing thirty second clips of their ‘ best bits’

It is important to know which websites take externally produced content and which might be interested in your campaign: Our advice would be to manage your/your client’s expectations accordingly.

Duration is key and video content needs to be brief, definitely no more than a minute and a maximum of a minute-and-a-quarter ideally in a style that mirrors the content already on the website. Typically that means the style will be footage cut to music, interviewee led and subtitled. Don’t be tempted to have the video voiced by a reporter and ideally keep it on trend to suit the audience.

Our recommendations

That said just because it’s online doesn’t mean online journalists aren’t wary about being too commercial. Our recommendation is to give your video interesting elements to stand out for example time lapse

When thinking about selling in video consider blogs;  the ‘blogosphere’ is a dominant force on the internet and people use it as a news source that directly relates to personal interests.

There is a great appetite for PR generated video content from social media  from short-form Instagram and SnapChat to LinkedIn.  The footage needs to be short, pithy and shareable to be seen by the audience you are trying to reach.

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