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We specialise in broadcast PR but work with a range of clients who work in a variety of industries, from consumer and health to corporate and technology.
Browse a selection of broadcast PR case studies below, to learn about some of the projects we’ve worked on.


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21. Jul 2017

Shout! was asked to secure national and regional TV and radio coverage for a campaign warning that cases of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning are rising, despite the efforts of campaigners to encourage people to protect themselves with an alarm.

23. Aug 2022

Parents discovering a passion for science, youngsters sending messages to space. Then astronaut Sir Tim Peake came on board.

11. Jun 2018

Centenary Fields aims to protect parks, playing fields and other recreational spaces, in memory of the millions of people who lost their lives in World War I.

4. Aug 2022

This campaign for Slimming World was based on the UK’s first study into the relationship between weight loss and mental toughness.

4. Aug 2022

Our campaign for the charity Together for Short Lives highlighted the number of critically ill children and their families who struggle to access end of life care at home, outside normal working hours.

14. Jan 2014

By taking an innovative spin on a dry topic, Shout! secured interviews with national radio and TV stations to showcase TomTom as an authority on traffic congestion.

2. Jul 2021

Our knowledge of broadcast presenters and producers ensured we could attract radio presenters interested in the subjects of veganism and animal farming.

14. Jan 2014

Shout!’s production values are of the highest quality and we were able to showcase our filming and editing skills when we won a tender to support Visit England.