NHS Technology

Shout! produced a short video cartoon of live animation and came up with an innovative and fun way of explaining complex Government strategy. We engaged a cartoonist who depicted the Secretary of Health’s vision of a paperless NHS. The challenge was to keep the viewers engaged.

The Project

Taking the hassle out of healthcare a 2-minute video illustrating The Secretary of State for Health’s vision of a paperless NHS through speeded up live action of cartoonist drawing 3 scenarios – as NHS is now and how NHS will be when SoS’s vision becomes reality.

What We Did
  • Commissioned a political cartoonist.
  • We filmed him drawing three sets of cartoons, depicting different scenarios within the NHS.
  • Each set featured a picture based on the NHS now and a second based on how the NHS could be in the future.
  • Research suggests viewers of online video fail to watch the material to the end.
  • To counteract this we introduced an optional interactive version of the video which enabled viewers to choose to view either a cartoon based on the NHS as it is now, or the NHS and how it could be in the
  • An extremely tight turnaround.
  • To ensure complex key messages in a fun engaging way.
  • To create a film that would go viral and something  people would  want to share with friends, family and/or colleagues

The paperless NHS video is part of a long term campaign.  Since its soft launch:

  • A Sentiment Analysis has shown a surge in positive comments about a paperless NHS on social media
  • There have been 3,674 plus viewings on YouTube
  • Over 1, 614 page views to the Digital Challenge website where the video is embedded
  • And over 200 retweets.

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