Founders Forum

Shout! Communications has supported Founders Forum, the community for global entrepreneurs in the digital and technology sectors, for several years. Most recently we’ve filmed their high-profile events in London, Tel Aviv, New York and Boston, producing promotional content for their social platforms.

The Project

Our task was to film highlights of the events and interview global entrepreneurs and CEOs. We edited the content into engaging films to Founders Forum to promote similar events in the future.

What We Did
  • Filmed the events, where tech start-ups and experienced founders and venture capitalists networked and hosted talks
  • Filmed interviews with specific high-profile attendees in the technology sector
  • Edited hours’ worth of footage into three-minute highlight videos

Often the biggest challenges for Founders Forum events were the logistics, with talks and networking events often held simultaneously across several locations. Our interviewees were there to attend the events – being interviewed was not their priority. The events were attended by hundreds of people, so finding specific people during short breaks and networking was an additional hurdle.

Busy, noisy venues are also challenging acoustically; lapel mics fitted close were required as they’re much more directional than hand held mics.

Ultimately, Founders Forum events always require a lot of forward-planning to stay on top of things, but it’s an extremely rewarding and exciting challenge.


Succinct soundbites along with cinematic, scene-setting montages of the event and location make for some beautiful videos. Founders Forum used the videos to promote future events and create brand awareness.

Filming in New York

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