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You’ve spent a lot of money on a celebrity spokesperson – how do you get your money’s worth?

Rory Green
Rory Green
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You’ve managed to secure a brilliant celebrity spokesperson for your PR campaign, but what next? If you are struggling to think of how to get the best results here are a few of Shout!’s top tips.

Online video
It’s said if a picture paints a thousand words, then a one minute video must be worth more than 1.8 million words. So how can you take advantage of this honey pot?
With a celebrity spokesperson you are off to a flying start as you’ve got someone recognisable to feature in your online video (link through to the website). Maybe you’ve got a campaign launch event where you can film them? Or film them meeting a case study? Or maybe you could use green screen to put your celebrity in a dream location? The opportunities are endless.
With a celebrity on camera the view-ability of your video is already boosted. And by placing your video online, you are also pushing your brand up the rankings. Web pages which contain video are 53% more likely to appear in one of the top 10 google searches.

B-roll for television
Do you only have a limited amount of time with your celebrity – but you’re desperate to maximise exposure across as many TV channels as possible? Not a problem. How about filming B-roll (link to B-roll on website) which can be given out to all broadcasters? B-roll is copyright free for broadcasters and free to use. TV newsrooms are often short of news content and offering to do the hard work for them can be like music to their ears. Shout!’s B-rolls have been used on BBC, Sky and Channel 4.
Filming B-roll will mean you only have to film with one crew (preferably Shout!’s!!) – but you can still potentially achieve multiple pieces of coverage.

Radio campaign
Organising a radio day (link to radio day on website) can be a great way to spread your message across a wide geographical area. Radio is still one of the most popular mediums with 89% of the UK population tuning in to at least one station every week.
With a celebrity spokesperson up for interview, many radio stations will bite your hand off at the opportunity to talk to them. Shout!’s radio days guarantees at least 10-12 interviews with a mixture of regional and national coverage.
As with B-roll, one of Shout!’s radio days will minimise the amount of time the celebrity is required for as we book our interview slots back to back into a tight schedule.

TV opportunities
With a celebrity on your side, you will find that TV opportunities open up. Celebrities tend to have strong personalities, are used to the limelight and therefore tend to perform well on television. TV producers recognise this and would much rather have a vibrant celebrity on their programme than a nervous company spokesperson.
TV producers and presenters are often much more amenable to incorporating a brand mention if it comes from a celebrity as they see it as a way of repayment for having a fabulous celebrity on their show.
What to go for?
There are many different directions to take with your celebrity and this is just a few of them. If you’d like our ideas on a specific campaign you are working on and how to make the most of your celebrity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
You can email hello@shoutcommunications.co.uk or call us on 0207 240 7373.

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