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Why use video as part of your broadcast PR campaign?

Despite video being one of the most shared media online, many people in the PR world are often sceptical about investing time and money to create video content for their campaign

Although it’s difficult to measure the exact return of any individual video, its potential reach is vast. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all internet traffic – that’s according to networking giant CISCO.

So if a picture paints a thousand words, then a short one minute video must be worth at least 1.8 million. Video is emotive and engaging and ultimately easy to consume – allowing the viewer to gain maximum impact with little effort required. YouTube is still the second most popular website in the world, behind Google, and more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to it every minute.

So what’s the benefit of creating your own broadcast PR video? Well, firstly you are guaranteeing it WILL be filmed. Often broadcasters sign up to come along to events or agree to an interview with a spokesperson, and the nature of news means another story will break which pushes your story off the agenda. You may find that you’ve gone from having three or four potential pieces of coverage to no coverage at all. If you commission a video production agency like Shout! to film your event and distribute B-roll to broadcasters or video for online – you’re not at the mercy of the news editors. No matter what else happens in the world of news, the broadcasters will be guaranteed to get video/B-roll of the event which they can use as they wish.
Also, if you commission your own video as part of your broadcast PR campaign, it puts YOU in control. You have editorial say in what interview clips, shots and brand messages are put across and how the final video should look and feel. Ultimately it means you and/or your client won’t be disappointed with the end result

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