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Tips for creating a survey to secure broadcast PR coverage

The concept is sometimes overused by the PR industry, but good surveys still work well as a means to generate “news” and secure broadcast PR coverage, particularly on radio. However, journalists will argue there are too many spurious surveys with suspect data. To make your next survey stand out from the rest, and ensure maximum ROI , follow our golden rules:

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5. Feb 2024
  You’ve spent months developing your campaign, have perfected the key messages and completed the final touches. So how do you now make sure it reaches your target audience? At Shout! Communications we believe there are many advantages to broadcast PR - it is an integral part of a campaign and one that will ensure [...]
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9. Jan 2024

To work successfully in PR, and I’m going to give a specific nod to broadcast PR, you need a strategy to help navigate these tricky waters. This blog offers a variety of PR strategies you can think about and try out, in 2024.

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23. Jan 2024
In August 2023 we wrote about some imminent changes at BBC local radio. (Click here: ).These are part of the BBC’s plan for a digital first network in the regions, reflecting changes in audience listening habits over the past few years.  Put simply, the BBC believe that more and more people will consume local [...]