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Catherine Bayfield
Catherine Bayfield
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What is a radio day?

Catherine Bayfield
Catherine Bayfield
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Radio day

The network of radio stations across the UK attracts more than 48 million listeners per week and is a great way to reach your target audience.

Every day radio stations are looking for interesting and engaging content for news bulletins and programming which provides good opportunities for PR stories.

At Shout! we specialise in broadcast PR and are experts at creating PR campaigns specifically for radio. Our radio days (radio tours) involve a spokesperson conducting a number of interviews for a PR campaign with both regional and national radio.

Usually, radio days involve both pre rec and live interviews across on average around 15 stations in one morning. It can be quite a busy schedule for the spokesperson and it is important that they are fully briefed on key messages prior to the first interview. The producers at Shout! always ensure that key messages are mentioned throughout interviews and can offer tips so that spokespeople sound natural and not too commercial on air!

One problem that can occur with radio days can be that spokespeople want to include as many brand mentions as possible and do a good job for the client. Although we know that every client wants their name mentioned on air, we also want the audience to be engaged with what the spokesperson is saying so we always recommend one brand mention and one website mention during an interview. The BBC have very strict rules on commercial stories and we always think it is better for the spokesperson to have an interesting chat with the host about the story instead of risking being taken off air for being too commercial.

During a radio day it is also important for spokespeople to know the difference between an interview for news and for programming. News interviews are usually pre rec and they will want short, concise answers from the spokesperson as they edit it down into short 30 second bulletins. Programming is longer and usually live so it gives the spokesperson a great opportunity to build a good rapport with the presenter.

We have our own studio at Shout! which overlooks the beautiful sights of Covent Garden, and we are happy to chat through any upcoming ideas that people have for radio days, so if you do feel that radio could help your PR campaign, give us a call 0207 240 7373!

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