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Peak, Prime and Perfect – Securing long lead PR

The central focus of an hour long, prime time television programme, on the UK’s most watched channel: when BBC One’s “The Apprentice” filmed on P&O Cruises’ flagship Britannia, it resulted in an amazing piece of PR generated coverage.


Long lead PR activity is high risk, in that there is no guarantee that the time and money invested will lead to anything tangible. This time, however, it paid off.

As he revealed to the contestants what their task was that week, Lord Sugar called Britannia “this beautiful ship” and we agree, she looked stunning. The would-be apprentices were tasked with selling bespoke day tours round Bruges to Britannia passengers. As any follower of the programme would expect, the apprentices’ efforts often went awry, but their work was set against a stunning background, including the ship’s pool deck, luxury restaurants and dramatic atrium.

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