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Why you need to film your PR event

Rory Green
Rory Green
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So the big night is finally here… the PR event you’ve spent weeks meticulously planning is about to start. But wait! You’ve just realised you don’t have a video team to capture the event. Oh well, right? I’m afraid not. Here are just a few reasons why you are missing a trick not involving video your campaign.

Reaches a wide audience

Producing video for online and television is like throwing the doors wide open and welcoming everyone in – you’re going to reach a much wider audience than just targeting print media. In the past decade, there’s been a huge shift in the way we consume stories towards video oriented formats. TV and online media has become much more prevalent, particularly with the younger generations. Therefore, if your campaign is aimed at a younger demographic you’re eliminating a huge proportion of your target audience and potentially missing opportunities.


Modern consumers are looking for more than a just a shallow brand plug – they want an engaging, interactive experience that provokes dialogue. With online video anyone can comment and share an event with their friends, transforming it from a short-lived PR stunt to something with longevity and lasting appeal. You could think about commissioning social media teasers and short videos pieces in the run up to the event to generate interest and maximise impact on the day. Shout!’s expert knowledge of video production enables us to create video that’s specifically designed to be shared via social media. The useful thing about promoting your event with a video on social networks is that it is quantifiable. You will know precise view counts, retweets, shares and likes you have drummed up – this is an accurate alternative to those slightly woolly AVE figures.

Good value for money

Like the sound of it so far but worried it might blow your budget? Fear not! Shout!’s video production provides excellent value for money. If you’ve already gone to the trouble of booking a celebrity, hospitality and an event space, then it would be a waste not to make the most of the resources and have the event filmed too. So don’t let budget hold you back from a killer campaign.


Finally, why would you want all of your hard work to be lost and forgotten as soon as the event is over? Filming your stunt or event gives you a lasting visual record of your achievement that can be used both internally and externally to promote your company. It’s also nice to watch back every so often to remind you of what a great job you did. Well done you.

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