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Listening to a podcast is good for you!

There’s some amazing podcast content out there – much of it available for free. Dramas, documentaries, educational, comedy… whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s there. And you know what? The amount of competition out there means it’s all pretty darn good.

Podcasts are a brilliant way of keeping yourself informed and updated across a multitude of topics and are often curated by knowledgeable and entertaining hosts. Once you have a subject in mind, a quick internet or app search will undoubtedly reveal a wealth of options with their own angles and insights on the matter. There are so many aspects that make podcasts not only unique, but will see them soon become an essential part of our media consuming rituals.


No other form of media can combine entertainment, information and portability with such a breadth of subject matters and global availability. Podcasts can be tailored to suit any mood too – if you need something light hearted for your commute home, pick a comedy. If you’d prefer something challenging while going about your weekend chores, perhaps opt for politics or something related to your career. Multi-tasking is a skill we’ve all had to develop in order to get the most out of modern life. Podcasts are a great way of keeping you up to date with the latest info while you carry out day to day life tasks.

Nobody reads enough these days. Whether it’s because we don’t have the time, are spoiled for choice or simply can’t be bothered, we are constantly missing out on top quality content because reading is on the decline. However, this is where a different type of podcast, Audiobooks come in. For example, having the soothing voice of Stephen Fry read you the Sherlock Holmes stories leaving you with nothing to do but visualise the pictures he paints is a fantastic form of entertainment. Audiobooks are easily accessible on many platforms, including the biggest, most obvious ones, and are gaining in popularity due to their ease of use. All you have to do is download a reading, pop in your headphones and hit play. What’s not to love?

On the opposite end of the spectrum to polished, perfected Audiobooks, an average podcast with be rough round the edges, with minimal editing and quite often comedic mistakes. The ‘raw’ feel of an unedited podcast appeals to listeners by giving them a genuine host. Podcasters will usually speak the first thing that pops into their mind, which makes for great content and an honest viewpoint.


Another huge benefit of listening to podcasts is to help stimulate your personal development. If there’s a subject you’re keenly interested in and feel like you’ve got to the point where you know everything there is to know, reach for a podcast. All sorts of professional fields have dedicated podcasts where experts discuss the subject and can provide points of view that you perhaps have not thought of previously. Similarly, if you’re completely brand new to something and want to learn from the ground up, a podcast is the ideal place to start. Hearing someone talk passionately about their favourite topic is a great way to inspire you into following in their footsteps and exploring a subject in real depth.

We haven’t even got to the best part yet – podcasts fit easily into most PR campaigns and budgets. For example, when you book a radio day in with Shout! Communications, part of our radio tour includes a simple podcast. This is where we record your spokesperson giving their insight and subtle brand mentions for use on smaller commercial stations around the country (nationals and BBC stations won’t use PR generated material), increasing reach and exposure. Our broadcast experts question the spokesperson on your topic, then we remove our voices and create a neat compilation of sound bites to be used across the air waves.

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