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Christmas Videos: the good, the bad and the ugly…  

Sam Munton
Sam Munton
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Christmas videos:  you either love them or hate them. From Reuniting loved ones to a ‘wrapping’ Santa. We list some of our favourite corporate/ business Christmas videos for 2018. 

Starting with Nero Tracker, a company based in the US who makes specialised computer programs to help develop mental muscles in top athletes.  


It doesn’t necessarily boast the slickest production standards, but what I love about this video is its simplicity, and humour. It also meets the company’s goal of promoting its product, with Santa saying, ‘Last year my focus was all over the place’ before going on to mention how the Easter Bunny had recommended Neuro Tracker to him.  

It is funny and memorable, but more importantly you know straight away what the company does.  

Wrapping Santa 

Nothing says Christmas more than struggling for hours on end to wrap presents for your loved ones. This company took the frustration as inspiration for their video.   It’s far too long, but bad lip syncing aside, it is a fun filled video that will be remembered (it will also be stuck in your head for a few days after as well). 

Edreams’ video from 2017 is also a fun watch.   This one has great editing skills – the employees are each encased in their own “box” singing Jingle Bells, but still interact with each other.  Humorous – wish we’d thought of it!   

West Jet the Canadian Airline has a habit of releasing outstanding Christmas videos. This year is no exception although it’s more like a PR stunt than your standard Christmas video. 

The production values are vastly different from the previous videos. This is slick and very well polished. Perhaps the biggest tradition of Christmas is gathering with family and friends to celebrate together. In this video the airline reunites people from all over the globe. Parents who miss their daughter who lives in Seoul, someone who misses her boyfriend who she met in America and friends that once were neighbours but now live in different countries. 

The video is superb and well structured. Definitely up there with my favourite Christmas videos of all time.  

Finally there’s the Shout! Communications video for this year, which I filmed and edited.  We were trying to keep it simple but I just love the “ghosting effect”. We shy away from promoting our products – it’s really just to wish all our clients, and everyone who knows us, “Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year.”   

A few tips for your Christmas video: 

  • Keep it focused, only have a few messages to get across in the video.  
  • Sometimes simple is better and more effective.    
  • Keep in mind your audience; if you’re sending it to clients you might not necessarily want a cheesy video. Maybe something with more elegance would work better.  
  • Make it memorable, find something in your video that will be remembered and focus on it. 

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Shout! Communications.

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