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Catherine Bayfield
Catherine Bayfield
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The changing power of online video

Catherine Bayfield
Catherine Bayfield
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In business, online video content has struggled to be taken seriously.  When asked about online videos, most people think of the 4 billion videos streamed by YouTube as only home videos of animals behaving badly and celebrity slip-ups.  In fact, the video content for brands has evolved into a major new force of social networking that is either directly profitable or brand-building.

Slowly, marketers are taking advantage of the huge potential of online video content – in 2012 76% of PRs prioritised developing video content over Facebook, Twitter and blog integration.  Billions of pounds are generated in revenue from click-through “display” adverts on video platforms such as YouTube, Vevo and Facebook, but brands are increasingly reaching out to consumers in non-monetized campaigns to increase recognition and buzz in online branded videos rather than advertisements.

Video can establish a closer relationship between consumer and brand: vlogs and vodcasts create an intimate and relaxed medium to engage viewers.  British Vogue has over 18,000 YouTube subscribers, a huge number of viewers who will watch and comment on their video content.  The channel produces Vogue TV videos, often exclusive interviews and access, all of which is clearly branded.  This material is often low-cost, the very ‘behind the scenes’ naturalism is key, and cements relationships and awareness that could be achieved in an expensive traditional advertisement campaign.

A growth of 42% in the amount of time spent by UK video watching audience and an increased PR awareness about the potential of video marketing has led to real innovation and development. As video-viewing habits change, PR creative and production have responded – for example, adapting to the now nearly 25% of internet usage from mobile/tablet devices by producing video suitable for both small and traditional screens.

Video content is now recognised as a major PR tool and with creative production, can be a great way to maximise brand coverage and awareness.

The team at Shout! can give lots more advice and guidance towards mastering video content- give us a call on 020 7240 7373 and start effectively engaging consumers online.

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