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Best PR Video Practices for Your Next Campaign


We’d like to share with you a little PR secret – our latest E-book:  Best PR Video Practices. Our advice is based on years of broadcast experience on both sides of the fence – many of the team have worked in TV and radio journalism and the agency has been running for 13 years. So we know what it takes to produce a successful video.


A PR video is a great way to get people talking about a company’s products or services. People are far more receptive to video as it enables us to consume a lot more information with a lot less effort than the printed word.  90% of information transferred to the brain is visual and we process this information much quicker than text, therefore we retain this information far more readily.


If you search a brand or business on the internet today, chances are you’ll find some kind of video content promoting their products or services. The fact is, video is everywhere; by 2019 it is predicted that 80% of all internet traffic will be video. YouTube alone has over 100 hours of video content uploaded every minute!

The most common types of PR videos include:

  • Online video that can be “sold-in” editorially and placed on external websites, such as newspaper or magazine websites.
  • B-roll for TV news. This is around 8 minutes worth of roughly edited video footage that supports a story; it’s given to broadcasters free of charge and any copyright issues. Broadcasters edit it themselves, often alongside their own footage.
  • Corporate/advertorial video. These types of videos are commonly used on YouTube or a company’s own website.


But with so much competing content out there, how do you create a video that will stand out from the crowd? The secret lies in creating something that is highly produced with a specific target audience or niche group in mind.


Anyone can produce a video in their bedroom, but today’s audiences are impatient and research suggests many viewers start to lose interest after just a single minute. High production values are therefore key- well lit, well shot pictures, accompanied by perfect sound are much more likely to engage than a video you struggle to hear and see.


Shout!’s Videographer has produced an E-book detailing everything you need to know when it comes to making an engaging and effective PR video. Understand how to maximise results through pre-production logistics such as storyboards, recces and shot lists. Learn about some useful filming and editing tips, as well valuable sound and visual effects you can use to enhance your videos. We reference specialist equipment – cost effective and easy to use – that can make your finished video look glossy and highly produced.


If you want insider tips from a professional, download our E-book now and discover how to make a video that will have a positive and long lasting impact on your next PR campaign. https://shoutcommunications.co.uk/resource/best-pr-video-practices-e-book/.

Or if you’d prefer to chat about video with one of our producers then give us a call on

020 7240 7373.





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