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Case Study: Spanish Olives


We worked to promote Spanish Olives by producing 9 videos featuring 27 exciting new olive recipes to be seeded on to online food websites.

The Project

We were commissioned to create 9 highly produced recipe videos as part of a PR campaign to showcase Spanish Olives. The videos were 3 minutes long and contained 3 recipes each for Olive marinades. Chefs José Pizarro and Sophie Michell presented the videos and demonstrated the recipes.

What We Did

•    Filmed and edited 27 recipes for 9 videos
•    Multi-camera shoot
•    High production values
•    Highly skilled shots including close ups of food
•    Filmed on location in a kitchen
•    Specialist lighting and sound engineering
•    Edited the footage into 3 minute long videos
•    Produced videos that were both informative and entertaining


Filming a live cooking demonstration has a range of challenges.  Our expert production team had to film the chefs cooking the olives in a way that would make the food look the most appealing. To ensure the marinades looked delicious we used high production values during the filming process. On set we had specialist lighting and sound engineering, and multiple cameras to create highly skilled shots including close ups of the olives and the chef’s handiwork.

Our  editors used the footage to create 9 short videos. Each recipe demonstration had to be edited to be one minute, showing that the  marinades take no time at all to cook.


Despite the time constrictions we created videos that showed how olives can be enjoyed as an impressive dish. Our advanced production techniques accentuated the flavours of the marinades and captured all the intricacies of the cooking process.

The videos were then used by Spanish Olives to promote the brand on cooking websites and received positive feedback from those who tried the recipes.