Professional Podcast Production Agency

Podcasts are enjoying something of a renaissance and the potential to use them as part of a PR campaign is immense. As ever, the rise in this popular phenomena began in the USA and we’re catching the podcast boom quickly in the UK. What we can do for you:

Anyone can record and publish a podcast and thousands do; so how can you make yours stand out from the crowd?   We can help you every step of the way: crafting your narrative, recording and editing your audio, to distribution and engagement.    


No matter whether you are producing a standalone podcast, or better still a series, success is always in the planning.  An engaging podcast involves the craft of telling a good story. 

You will be given a dedicated, experienced producer who will help you develop the theme and story line, as well as suggesting and arranging interviewees.    


Production values need to be of the highest; it doesn’t matter how excellent the content is, if a listener struggles to hear your podcast. At our onsite recording studio in Bloomsbury, Central London, our sound engineers use top of the range equipment to record and edit audio.   

Depending on the subject this often includes music and sound effects, used to enhance the audio tapestry of the podcast.  Our team has experience in national radio, including BBC Radio 4 and 5 Live, therefore our production standards are the best.  

Technically we offer a full range of options, including files in a wide variety of formats.  All work is backed up for a minimum of two years, so you never have the stress of not being able to find a file.    

As media trainers we can also provide coaching to voice over artists or spokespeople during the recording.  


Once your podcast has been through our vigorous approvals procedure and you’ve signed it off, the fun begins.  We can help you present your podcasts to attract maximum traction; we post them on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Audioboom; we tag them and design a thumbnail cover that will result in more downloads.    

Podcast examples:

Budgets, along with what you aim to achieve with a podcast, often dictate the length, style and feel of a podcast.   Here’s a selection of some of our work:    

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