B-roll Footage

Television B-roll is video footage we film to illustrate a PR generated story. It’s a fantastic asset for maximizing coverage on TV – but only when it’s produced in a certain way.  We have 2 golden rules to guarantee it gets used. 

Golden rule 1:  

B-roll is video footage that illustrates a PR generated story. It is not a finished product – it will be re-edited by the broadcaster, and possibly mixed and matched with footage they’ve shot themselves. 

B-roll is only ever likely to be used on the news, therefore it should be shot in a “news style” and look like material broadcasters would have filmed for themselves. 

We recommend using B-roll for no more than 8 – 10 minutes of roughly edited shots. Good visuals are key, but B-roll can include some interviews with spokespeople and sound bites from key contributors. 

Golden rule 2:   

Give broadcasters something they couldn’t easily film for themselves.    These days that’s a lot easier than it used to be:  anything that takes time to film, or travel to, an event that’s outside London….the list is endless.   The dog tick above is a good example as we needed a macro lens to film it. 

Watching a B-roll is no better than watching paint dry, but if you’ve never commissioned one before and would like to see an example watch the below B-Roll