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Big Talk Ep. 6: Jon Laurence – Channel 4 News

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Broadcast PR experts Shout! Communications present a 10 part series featuring speakers at the pinnacle of broadcast journalism. Topics include the rise of ‘fake news’, the role of social media in broadcast coverage, and tips on how to get national TV, radio, and online coverage.

Ep. 6: Jon Laurence – Channel 4 News

Hosted by Kate Fallis, Broadcast PR Consultant

Jon is responsible for developing Channel 4’s digital strategy as well as day to day oversight of all content on Channel 4’s news website as well as their YouTube and social platforms. Jon has led major changes in Channel 4’s strategy – including a transition from text to video, all while staying true to Channel 4’s values and achieving major audience growth.

“Digital media is not homogenous. Each platform needs its own strategy and style.”

Noticing a lot more subtitled videos online? There’s a reason for that. Jon couldn’t stress the importance of video content enough in his talk. He discussed a number of ways in which some specific videos work particularly well, and the strict rules on what type of videos Channel 4 will post and how often.

Some of these included:

  • Subtitles are an easy way to reach new audiences – mobile users who may not necessarily want the sound on when watching a video. If you can watch a video with subtitles it gives you more choice to watch whenever you like, rather than having to wait until you’re in a quiet place.
  • Another thing to note about digital is that really serious news can do well online and Channel 4 News is the proof of this  – it’s not just about cat videos anymore! Distinctive, quality material will always be shared, in particular things that makes people think ‘that could be me’.
  • Professionally told, human interest stories resonate well above all else.
  • You need to grab the audiences attention quickly – 10 seconds is really all you’ve got before they will scroll on!
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Big Talk Ep. 6: Jon Laurence - Channel 4 News

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