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Big Talk Ep. 5: Sandy MacIntyre – Associated Press

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Broadcast PR experts Shout! Communications present a 10 part series featuring speakers at the pinnacle of broadcast journalism. Topics include the rise of ‘fake news’, the role of social media in broadcast coverage, and tips on how to get national TV, radio, and online coverage.

Ep. 5: Sandy MacIntyre – Associated Press

Hosted by Kate Fallis, Broadcast PR Consultant

As an editor at ITN, Sandy ran daily foreign news coverage and spent considerable time in the world’s trouble spots, including the Mideast and the killing fields of the former Yugoslavia. He’s also directed coverage of six Olympic Games and six World Cups.

Recently, as AP’s director of international video news, Sandy led the news portion of a sweeping, digital transformation that upgraded AP’s worldwide video production, newsgathering and distribution to high definition.

“Digital media is here, I’m over it, but I’m yet to find a keyboard with a ‘fact or fiction’ button.”

Sandy, like Mary Hockaday in our previous podcast, was keen to stress the importance of finding the facts. The role of a journalist, however it has changed since Sandy started, is always to identify the fact from the fiction, and present it in an engaging way.

Nowadays, there are specific fact-checking articles, and news organisations are finding more people prefer to read those bits, rather than sifting through the longer articles. Sandy also placed an emphasis on freedom within newsrooms and an underlying theme that bosses need to trust journalists to find their own reliable sources.

This is where PR comes into it again and shows how we can form strong relationships with journalists that more often than not end up being beneficial to both parties.

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Big Talk Ep. 5: Sandy MacIntyre - Associated Press

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