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Who should be my broadcast spokesperson?

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There are a lot of elements to consider when planning your next broadcast campaign, one of the most important of which is who should be your spokesperson.    They will essentially become the voice of your brand, so it’s something you need to get right.

In this blog I’m going to highlight some of the things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect spokesperson for your next broadcast PR campaign.


This is probably the very first thing to consider when starting the search for your spokesperson – are they relevant to your brand? The more naturally they link to your brand and campaign, the easier it will be to pitch them to broadcasters. A simple example of this would be using an athlete to promote a sports brand. If they’re a great fit, they’ll also be more confident in speaking about the brand and it’s even better if they have used the product or service they’re promoting.

If you break this down, you can decide whether it’s best to go with a male or female spokesperson. This will mainly depend on your target audience and how the spokesperson will be perceived by that audience. Again, the most relevant gender – and even age – will help your campaign get off to the strongest start possible.

In terms of brand or third party spokespeople, it’s entirely up to you. Obviously a brand spokesperson will be well briefed on the product/service and key messages, but a third party spokesperson can take the commercial sting out of a story. Broadcasters will generally favour a third party spokesperson, particularly if they’re  a celebrity, expert or sports star as such a voice can also make the story seem more credible.

Speaking style

Once you’ve narrowed down your pool of possible spokespeople, it’s time to think about their actual voice and speaking style. Confidence is key! It’s pretty much essential for your spokesperson to be media trained so they’re already comfortable speaking to journalists. It will take far too much time and effort to get them up to speed if they’re not. (We do offer media training here at Shout! so if you have a certain someone in mind and enough time to get them trained then let us know and we’ll do all the hard work for you!).

A great spokesperson will have a number of key attributes to their speaking style – confidence as I mentioned earlier, with a mix of the correct tone and expertise. If they know the topic well, they’ll come across as a lot more comfortable and credible which is exactly what you want. They shouldn’t have to put on a voice or be fake, they should be able to be themselves! Obviously it depends on the topic, but if your spokesperson can weave in a little bit of their personality and even humour, it can come across quite nicely for the audience.


Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, is your spokesperson’s availability. Good spokespeople will be in demand and can be booked up months in advance. As soon as you have an initial idea and timeframe for your campaign, it’s a good idea to put some feelers out and pencil a few people in just in case. Depending on your campaign, your spokesperson may only be needed for a few hours, or up to a full day. A standard radio day usually goes from 8:30am – 12:30pm, however there’s no rule on how early they can start if broadcasters like the story. If it’s a business story in particular, stations like Radio 4, Radio 5 and Jazz FM may want to run the story from 5am onwards.

If you have TV as part of your campaign, a lot of the filming for that would take place either the day before a radio day so it can be edited to the embargo, or after the radio interviews are complete. In this case, it’s best to have a flexible spokesperson who is willing to be available the day before the actual campaign if possible. That being said, we’ve worked with plenty of spokespeople who’ve had limited availability and still secured amazing coverage, so anything can be done!

If you’re still not sure who to choose as a spokesperson for your next broadcast campaign get in touch and we’ll help you brainstorm. Email hello@shoutcommunications.co.uk or give us a call on 0207 240 7373.

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