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Video Production trends to watch in 2018

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It’s that time of year when we try to predict what will be happening in the world of video production in 2018! We’re always looking for the latest trends to offer to clients, and whilst you can never guarantee what the next big thing will be, here are a few things to look out for in the coming year:

4K video

Every few years, there is a new standard in the quality of video. Currently, everyone expects their video to appear in full HD – think back to the last time you have seen any current video in anything less!

However, new cameras and TVs are now starting to have 4K capabilities. Video streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, are now following suit and give users the option to upload 4K footage. Currently, only the fastest internet speeds are suitable to stream this kind of video. However just like when HD footage first arrived, it won’t be too long before everyone can stream footage of that quality.

Once it is the standard, then brands and PRs will expect videos to be shot in that format, otherwise their videos will soon look out of date.

As well as looking better than HD, 4K video is really helpful for videographers as they can zoom in on footage quite a bit without a huge decrease in quality. This means that if you need to correct framing, or even make it appear that you have shot an interview with two or three cameras, then shooting in 4K can help.

Affordable Tech

A few years ago, high-end technology such as drones and 360-degree cameras would cost thousands. However, as they have increased in popularity, companies are making more affordable versions for the consumer market. This is great news for PR videos especially as budgets are shrinking!

Rise of in-house videographers

Affordable tech has enabled news websites and brands to have their own in-house video team – this is a trend that I can see continuing into next year and beyond. This means that PRs and video production companies have to provide the clients and media outlets what they cannot produce themselves and therefore, a reason to use or take content from an external agency.

Recently some outlets such as the MailOnline have been asking for B-roll instead of an online package, which means that they can use our footage and create a video that fits in the style of the video content that they usually create.

However, if the online package you create is high quality, resonates with the right audience, and, most importantly will not be seen as an advert, it stands a better chance of being used.


Video streaming is already extremely popular and more social media sites are implementing streaming options into their sites. While streaming directly to Facebook or Twitter is a great idea and works well with certain audiences, I think the next big trend will be more high-end streaming.

White label streaming sites offer a more sophisticated experience than streaming directly into a social media channel. The stream will be hosted on its own dedicated page, or can be embedded directly into your own website, meaning that the stream will carry all of your own branding.

Monitoring the audience is much more accurate when using a white label host. This is because everyone who has taken the time to log onto the website will be interested in the stream, rather than coming across it randomly on Facebook.

The video landscape is constantly changing. As a videographer I have to keep on my toes, and it is really interesting to watch new trends develop over time. If you have any questions or comments about video production, please get in touch!

You can call 0207 240 7373 or email rory@shoutcommunications.co.uk.

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