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3 Video Trends to watch out for in 2017

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By Rory Green

2016 saw the continued rise in popularity of online video content. Video is now so popular that it is predicted that in 2017 video content will account for 74% of all internet traffic.

In this blog I will be looking at what I think will be the top 3 developments in PR video over the next 12 months.


Social media video

If you check your Facebook and Twitter feeds chances are that it will contain at least one piece of video content. In fact Facebook has an algorithm that populates a majority of your news feed with video. This suggests there is an almost guaranteed audience for social media video, however it also means that there is a lot of competition for that audience.  My first prediction, therefore, is that video content for social media will continue to rise in both popularity and quality.

I also feel that we will see the style and conventions of social media video take over as the norm for PR video. For example, subtitling used to be used solely for social media video (due to videos auto-playing silently); but take a look at popular online publications such as the MailOnline or Huffington Post and you will see most of the videos used by them will have subtitles too.

Another convention of social media video that is being used more frequently in PR video is ‘vertical video’. All professional video cameras shoot horizontally. However, with the increase in video filmed on mobile devices, audiences are now engaging with PR content filmed vertically. Even some Hollywood film trailers are now being formatted vertically to take advantage of audience engagement.


Live Video

Prediction number two is that we’ll see a further increase in demand for live content – and with that will come more engagement with that content from the audience. It depends on which platform the video is being hosted on but the possibilities for engagement are many, including writing comments and questions to the presenters. Take a look at this example, where we filmed and live streamed a live Q & A session for the charity Help For Heroes. It proved extremely popular gaining over 70, 000 live views.

A further reason why live video will see increased popularity is that the technology is now so easily accessible. If you go back a few years then live streaming technology was extremely expensive, and only possible with specialist equipment. However everyone who owns a smartphone now has the potential to live stream! For more information about streaming and the different cost options have a look at one of our other blogs by clicking here.


VR & 360 Degree video

Finally I think that we will see the biggest development in VR and 360 degree video. Again, like live streaming, a few years ago the technology to do this was extremely expensive, however some modern smartphones now have attachments which enable users to film 360 degree video. VR and 360 degree video hosting is also easier as the big three social media platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter give users the ability to upload and share VR and 360 content.

Video audiences love to be engaged in new ways. In the video content we create at Shout! we always try to use techniques that will make our videos stand out from the crowd. (For example, they might have been around a few years now, but I’ve really been enjoying using timelapse in recent video campaigns. You can see an example below!) Since audiences physically interact with a 360/VR video they are engaging with the content on a whole new level, and, this level of interactivity allows for repeat viewing.



Most importantly if your video engages an audience then they are more likely to share the video or tell their friends about it, generating more views!

There you have it, three video trends to look out for in 2017. If you are looking to have a video as part of your PR campaign this year, please feel free to get in touch. You can email me personally at rory@shoutcommunications.co.uk.

Rory Green is a videographer at Shout! Communications. He films and edits video content for PR campaigns, including B-roll for television, online video packages for selling in editorially, info-graphics and corporate films.

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