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Arthur Perkins
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How to: Use the Report-it app

Arthur Perkins
Arthur Perkins
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When the media want an interview but your interviewee can’t get to a studio, what does a hard done by PR professional do? It’s quite simple really, there’s an app for that . . .

As anyone working in broadcast PR will tell you, sometimes getting your interviewee to a microphone and a working ISDN line is easier said than done. Radio stations are less inclined to accept an interview over a landline and suggesting a mobile line is the equivalent of offering garlic to a vampire! Luckily, radio stations are increasingly fond of using the Report-IT app, in instances where getting to a radio studio is not an option.

The Report-IT app allows even a novice to deliver a broadcast quality interview from the comfort of their own home. Providing options for both live and a pre-record, the app is just as good as a studio to run a radio campaign.

Here is a step by step guide on how to download and use the app:

1. Go on to the app store and search for ‘Report-IT.’ You will need the ‘Enterprise Edition’ as with other apps follow the usual download procedure. Things just keep getting better as the app is free to download.

2. As soon as the app is downloaded you will need to enter a username and password (the studio or PR agency that are running the radio campaign should provide these details to you).


3. Once you’re in you should see this screen, which is the live report page.


photo 2

4. You may need to edit some settings, starting with the input (this controls how your voice will sound on the radio). You should set the slider in the green area, usually around one third of the way from the left.

5. Next you need to check the return – typically four fifths of the way to the right will be a good level.

6. Then tap the connect button to begin the interview.

7. Hold the phone to your ear as if you are talking normally to conduct the interview.

8. Once the interview is completed and you have got in your brand mentions, press the disconnect button to end the interview.

Voila! And just like that, you’ve done a national interview without leaving your house!

In circumstances where conducting an interview in a studio is not an option, there are some limited alternatives:

Producers can sometimes be convinced to conduct an interview over a landline. This would not be an ideal situation as the quality is considerably temperamental, however if the interview is a topic the producers care enough about it’s possible they could be convinced.

A big no no in the broadcast world as the quality of a mobile connection is considerably bad. Producers will only be tempted in to this option if the interview is with someone they highly value, usually a breaking news story, making it very unlikely for a broadcast PR campaign.


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