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Top media relations tips from Global Radio’s Showbiz Editor, Charlie Girling

Arthur Perkins
Arthur Perkins
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When our media relations team secure coverage for radio days, Global is always at the top of the commercial radio hit list. Global radio is the biggest commercial radio brand in Western Europe, and boasts Heart, LBC, Capital, Capital Xtra, Classic FM, XFM, Smooth and Gold in its stable of stations. Their slogan is ‘national brands, delivered locally’ and they try to make that the core of all that they do to please their 20-million-strong audience.

Global’s Showbiz Editor, Charlie Girling, is a great contact and help to Shout!’s media relations team and she came into our offices this week to share with us, and some of our clients, her top tips on how to secure coverage on Global.  Here are some of the things she said:

Make it personal

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Charlie is inundated with emails from PRs who all think their story would be great across global brands. What gets her back up are the emails that land in her inbox that are clearly part of a mass email out. She likes the personal touch and advises if you are going to email your idea then at least address it to her. Give a friendly hello and sell your story in terms of why you think it’d work on Global Radio’s stations.

Weigh up your story

As former broadcasters, we know producers can be unpredictable with what they want to put on air, so sometimes it can be hard to judge what would and wouldn’t work. But we agree with Charlie’s advice that you must assess whether or not your story could work for the Global audience. We appreciate there is a great range of audience for each station, but listen to each channel and try to ascertain whether or not your story would fit.

Add a bit of celebrity magic

Charlie says she looks for ideas that are original, interesting, new and exciting. If your story is just a product plug then your chances of getting it on air may be pretty slim. Add a celebrity to the mix though, particularly if they’ve got a story to tell themselves and some relevance to the story they’re promoting and you can get those radio producers hooked!   There are, however, a few dos and don’ts to bear in mind…..

No reality TV stars or BBC affiliates

  • With some exceptions to the rule, Global radio doesn’t particularly favour reality TV stars to be guests on their shows.
  • They also don’t want to promote their big competitor, the BBC, so any talent closely associated with the Beeb will probably get the thumbs down from Global.
  • Of course there are always exceptions – if a programme gets big enough (Think Strictly for example, or Doctor Who when it brought in record ratings) the rule book gets ripped up.

All these rules can fly out the window though if the celebrity name is big enough. At Shout! Communications, we can help you with spokesperson sourcing, including negotiations with celebrity ambassadors and their agents.

Whether it’s a radio day or campaign or a television or online media relations campaign we can help you find the perfect spokesperson.  We usually say that if they are a great talker with star appeal then they are sure to have a chance of getting interest Global.

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