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Top 10 PR event locations

Rory Green
Rory Green
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Shout! gives its recommendations for the top ten filming locations in London.
10. Icetank london

Icetank london

Icetank London is a fantastic modern venue near Holborn, Central London. With large clean white spaces this location offers a blank canvas for you to showcase your product, along with that flashy new branding. It also comes with a host of handy facilities including a reception, kitchen and even a studio photography area, making it ideal for food or cooking brands. Recently we filmed an exclusive dining event for Glaceau Smartwater at Icetank and were really impressed with how they customised the venue to suit their brand.


9. Shoreditch boxing ring

Shoreditch boxing ring

Give your PR stunt a fighting chance with this retro East Land’n boxing ring venue. We think this unique location is a great choice for any small brand that wants to take the fight to the competition. The best bit? It really is a fully functioning boxing ring! For an extra cost they can provide your very own boxing champion, which will have your guests sparring in no time. Ding ding.


8. Boat down the Thames

Boat down the Thames

For those of a more nautical disposition, the HQS Wellington, (currently docked near Temple tube station) offers a selection of fancy floating rooms to host your PR event. Far from a novelty, we think this rich mahogany clad venue offers a fresh and rather circular perspective on the London skyline. Be sure not to miss the boat on this one!


7. Tower bridge

Tower bridge

Next up is the iconic Tower Bridge and probably the longest room we have ever seen. If you’re after the wow factor then this will certainly deliver. The 42 metre high ‘Walkway’ venue boasts panoramic views of the Thames and central London, in addition to glass floors making for a truly unique experience. For a more industrial feel, they also offer the engine rooms as another venue, where the beautifully maintained, Victorian coal-driven engines once used to power Bridge lifts reside.


6. Oxo tower

Oxo tower

Another Iconic London landmark that has recently opened itself up for venue hire, and what a venue! When permission for the original advertisement was refused, the cheeky guys at OXO built the tower with four sets of three vertically-aligned windows, which “coincidentally” happened to be in the shapes of a circle, a cross and a circle. If that’s not PR spirit then I don’t know what is! We’re looking forward to filming a comedy event here soon.


5. MC Motors

MC Motors

If it’s the trendy warehouse vibe you’re after, this next one is for you. Handily located in the hipster heartland of Dalston, east London, MC Motors is guaranteed to provide a great atmosphere and a high beard-count. With over 6000 sq ft of brick spaces and quirky antiques at your disposal, it offers an extremely versatile venue that can be tailored to your event’s needs. When we filmed here a couple of months ago, those mavericks at BMW transformed the place to launch a new car pool scheme ‘DriveNow’. Take a look at our video of the event here.


4. House of Commons

House of Commons

Set within the historic Palace of Westminster, one of the most iconic buildings in the world, this UNESCO world heritage site offers the ultimate setting for your PR event. There are 10 rooms available for hire, ranging from the Terrace Pavilion that runs alongside the Thames, to private members’ dining rooms further in the Palace. We’ve worked on a few events in the House of Commons over the years and it never fails to impress. Hear Hear!


3. Regent Street

Regent Street

If you’re doing a PR stunt, footfall is the name of the game. And what better place for footfall than one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe, Regent Street. In the summer months Regent Street often closes the road to traffic, opening it up to PR events. Last summer Magnum hosted a huge magnum bar handing out 25,000 free ice creams to the masses in order to celebrate their 25th birthday. We provided B-roll and online packages for the event, which proved to be a massive success! Check it out here!


2. Skyloft


The clue is in the name here as Skyloft is a huge contemporary warehouse space with stunning 360 degree panoramic views of the London skyline. In addition to the four main event spaces, the venue even has it’s own HD cinema to host your branding and adverts. Given its prime location and incredible views, we think this space is excellent value for money, especially wit the amount of space you’re getting. We filmed an exclusive celebrity panel for TK Maxx here recently and there was ample room for 200+ seated guests.


1. Historic Covent Garden

Historic Covent Garden

And our number one is… Historic Covent Garden! With a winning combination of stunning architecture and high footfall, Covent Garden makes an ideal location to host your PR event. Having accommodated everything from floating houses, to pop up nightclubs, the people who look after CG are a pretty open minded bunch, making it ideal for those wacky PR stunts. Last year we worked with Skoda who froze a car in a block of ice in the middle of Covent Garden square!

Not only is this one of the classiest locations in the entire capital – it’s also the home to our very own Shout offices, so why not pop in for a cuppa?

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