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Things to consider when commissioning a broadcast PR video

Arthur Perkins
Arthur Perkins
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Video is everywhere! Mobile technology means videos can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Consumers have so much choice, making them pickier about what they will click on and ultimately watch through.

We know video is important and it can be a very effective marketing tool if done right. So here are a few thoughts and tips that should help you make the most out of any PR video:

Pre-production planning is vital to video production.
Having a project brief before you start recording means your video is more likely to have higher production values – and stand out above the rest.

You need to ask yourself what is the goal of your video? What are you trying to achieve? Having a vision helps you to tell the story and gives the video production a structure. The style of the video should complement the vision and fit in with the image of the company.

Who is your video for?
When and how will the video be viewed? The more detail you have about the audience the more tailored and effective the video can be.

Be clear on your key messages and don’t try to convey more than 3 or 4 ideas in a 2-3 minute long video. A short video with a clear message can often be more impactful than a longer one with layers of messaging.

You don’t want your viewer being left confused – you want them to be engaged and motivated to do something.

That ‘something’ is your call to action. This is often your most important key message. It will come at the end of your video and can be illustrated as a graphic (eg: website or social media page) or a strong soundbite from your spokesperson or case study.

This leads me onto the content for your video. The content depends on what type and style of video you are creating. Different elements you may want to consider are:
· Interviewees or case studies
· Presenter
· Voice-over script and voice
· Graphics
· Creative treatment
· Animated or filmed
· Location of filming
· Visuals to shoot
· How to tell the story

Content options are endless! But stick to your project brief you created in the planning stage and decide what works best. Things to think about are whether your video will be interviewee-led or presenter led or just voiced over. Before filming know the sequences you want to shoot and where the best locations will be for the filming. Graphics and creative treatments can make your video more dynamic or be used to convey key messages or other information.

Having your spokesperson media trained is invaluable in helping to get your key messages across clearly in a video. At Shout! we offer media training and find that it makes a huge difference to a spokespersons confidence on camera or during a radio day of broadcast coverage.

Finally – be clear on your production schedule of filming and editing dates and when your video needs to be delivered. Twenty four hours before your production starts check the music is signed off and the copyright cleared, you have the fonts you need and signed off, your client is happy with the levels of branding and the key messages. And make sure you have any special filming equipment for any specific shots you need. For example we have a range of filming kit that can be added to your video production – such as jibs or tracks – giving your end product a highly produced, glossy look.

Great video is difficult to get right – but get it right and the rewards in PR terms can be fantastic.

If you’d like to know more about video production sign up to our blog. Or come to one of our free video production workshops. Email keren@shoutcommunications.co.uk for details.

Or download our free E-book: “Missing an Easy Shot”.
Go to https://www.shoutcommunications.co.uk/ to see some examples of our video production and give us a call on 020 7240 7373 to chat about your next video commission.

By Natalie Vickerman

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