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Producing a shoot abroad

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Some of the biggest names in tech, a stunning location and a spectacular event…this is what we found when Shout! went international to film video content for Founders Forum’s inaugural event in Italy.

Founders Forum, the premier community for global entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors in the digital, media and technology sectors, have held numerous events across the globe and we were delighted to be able to film at this particular event in Rome. It brought together the who’s who of the global tech community in some of the most eye-catching venues. Global power-houses such as Snap Inc’s Evan Spiegel and Candy Crush inventor, King Digital Entertainment’s CEO, Riccardo Zacconi, gave a variety of talks and seminars looking into exploring the talent potential and growth possibility within the tech industry in Italy.

As well as filming the inspiring event, we were also able to capture the amazing sights and culture of Rome, bringing together the sense of occasion of the Founders Forum event, alongside the steeped history of Italy’s capital in our video.

The shoot was a great reminder of the challenges of filming in a different country, especially with a language barrier. The main thing to note is it’s all in the planning!

  • Know where you’re going and what you’re getting into before you step onto the plane. Even a little bit of detail about the country you’re filming in goes a long way. Cultural do’s and don’ts are essential, particularly any offensive things you may inadvertently do when out filming.
  • Consider employing a local fixer. It is incredibly useful to have someone on the ground with local knowledge and who can speak the language.  They can help facilitate things for you that only a local would know about, adding value to your video. In my experience a local fixer is always worth the extra budget.
  • However long you’d have taken to film in the UK, add extra for filming abroad. Given that a recce may not be an option if abroad, it’s always worth looking at google maps or reading up on local information beforehand.
  • You don’t know the area, so don’t try and fudge it. Take a map. Take a phone, and a backup. Take spares of everything and several adapters for UK plugs. There’s nothing worse than running out of power, or storage space.
  • Plan your shoot before you go, leaving yourself with lots of extra time. As with a shoot in the UK, it’s imperative that you have a filming itinerary and a shot list of what you want at each location.  Assess how much time it should take you from leaving one location to get to another, then add on 50%!   The same rule of thumb goes for footage too. Prioritise what you need: what shots and interviews are essential. Once you’ve secured these, everything else is a bonus and added value.
  • Before you go pare down any unnecessary equipment – you don’t want to be lumbering around a foreign place with loads of items that you have no need for.
  • Some things though you just can’t plan for. Expect the unexpected and you’ll be less likely to panic when it happens!

Finally, enjoy it! What a privilege to make a video and travel abroad. Embrace it and your enthusiasm will shine through to the footage you get and – ultimately –  the quality of the finished video edit.

by Arthur Perkins, Broadcast PR Consultant

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