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The power of the fully integrated campaign

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As a specialist broadcast agency, we find less and less that clients are willing to commission standalone radio and TV campaigns. Sometimes campaigns will suit broadcast and broadcast alone, but more often than not we are commissioned to secure broadcast coverage as part of a wider, fully integrated campaign, which includes TV, radio, online, social media, and good old-fashioned print. These forms of media are far more closely linked than they ever have been before and the margins are narrowing by the day. This blog will look at some top tips and how what might seem like a complicated, wide-scale operation might be easier than you think. Let’s look at our ongoing work (for which we were nominated for a CIPR Excellence Award in 2017!) with MSD Animal Health and the Big Tick Project as a case study.

Video can be used to kill several birds with one stone

When we conduct filming for a client, we will always look for as many ways to use our footage as possible to make the most of their time and budget. If we are filming an event to support an integrated campaign we will often repackage the rushes in three different ways. Here are examples from our filming at BBC Countryfile Live for the Big Tick Project:

  • B-roll: This is 7-8 minutes of roughly edited footage which can be supplied to broadcasters free of charge to supplement a story. For more on B-roll, read our full blog on it here.

  • Online video: Getting your story featured on the Mail Online, BBC News or Huffington Post is always more likely when you can supply an engaging video which neatly captures the essence of your story. The optimum time is 1-2 minutes and the product will have higher production value than B-roll.

  • Social Media: The shortest and snappiest of the video cuts, this will often be no more than 60 seconds, and can be sold-in alongside online video or used by the client themselves for their own social media promotion.

Social media is now the glue to hold it all together

Where broadcasters, newspapers and bloggers all now publish their stories online and publicise them on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the rest can now be the icing on the cake for a perfect integrated campaign. A recent campaign for the Big Tick Project saw us land a headline story on the BBC News page, when we worked with Matt Dawson on his announcement that he had contracted Lyme Disease. Thanks to Matt being a notable sporting spokesperson, the story was also shared on social media by BBC Sport, which has a massive following and would have generated a huge amount of reach. (screenshots) As the story went viral, newspapers and broadcasters that may not have otherwise run the story started to push it out.

You can afford to be flexible

Often a client may come to us with an idea of how and where they want their story to be published, but as broadcast experts, we may see an opportunity in another form. It’s important to keen options open, as the broadcast world moves quickly. If, say, we had produced a social media video and a radio day for a campaign, and national TV station came knocking looking for someone to interview, you want to be in a position to be able to accommodate them. We will always help you to be suitably prepared so you don’t have to turn down any golden opportunities, whatever the format!

In the fluid world of media, consumers will absorb information from all around them. The more forms that your story is released in, the higher the chance it will be read; simple. Importantly, however, a story being everywhere gives it that extra sense of consumer importance – if you hear an interview on the radio and then read about it on your commute you are even more likely to act on a call-to-action. Fully integrated campaigns require some careful planning, so if you have an idea for a integrated campaign but need to chat it through, we’re always here to help on 0207 240 7373 or at hello@shoutcommunications.co.uk.

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