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The next level of live-streaming

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By Rory Green

If you log on to any of the big social media sites one thing they all have in common is their heavy promotion of live video streaming. Just by clicking on the Live panel on Facebook you can see how many people are live at any one moment, and believe me, it’s a lot!

Now a great deal of those videos will be of people playing with their pets, but from a PR point of view live video is an area that needs to be tapped into.

While quality may not be that important for people filming their cat, it is extremely important for the PR industry using their video content to engage with an audience.

Research shows that around 70% of people feel that video quality is the most important factor when viewing a live video broadcast.

In a previous blog, I have looked at the pros and cons of the different live streaming options out there. However, here at Shout! Communications we’ve recently discovered a small piece of equipment that will give you broadcast quality streaming in a tiny, portable package!

It’s essentially a powerful PC that can take a feed from up to 5 professional cameras, and 10 wireless cameras. The PC then converts the video and feeds it into whatever social media channel that you or your client is using.

Why not use a mobile device?

A mobile device is great for a rough and ready stream, for example, filming a few clips of an event or a quick interview with a celeb. However, for longer streams audiences are looking for something more professional. Handheld is fine for a couple of minutes but imagine watching it for half an hour!

While the video quality of mobile devices has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years it will never be as good as a professional camera.   It would be foolish, therefore, not to give your audiences the best visuals possible.

Sound can sometimes be neglected too and if you can’t hear the content properly this will have a detrimental effect on audiences too.

That’s another reason for using better equipment. The microphones on mobile devices have a wide pick up pattern so if you are filming in a noisy environment, such as at an event, then the audio from your spokesperson will be inaudible and your audience will switch off!

Mobile devices are also reliant on wifi or a data connection. Anyone who has experienced connection issues (and who hasn’t?) knows how annoying this can be. Now imagine that you have been spending time and money on promoting a Facebook live session just to have the wifi drop out just before you go live! With this latest streaming equipment you have the option of connecting via a hard wired connection for a reliable stream or over wifi or data if an Ethernet port is not available.

Shout’s streaming solution.

If you hire Shout! to produce your live stream you will get broadcast quality with minimum fuss at a competitive price. In the past, to film a multi camera live stream would require lots of extra equipment such as a vision mixer and a computer to run the stream off. Now we can provide a whole TV studio in just one small box!

Once we have your brief we will work with you to see how many cameras you would like for your stream. For instance, you would like to film a chat show style video, that has 3 people, we would recommend a minimum of 2 cameras, but suggest that the more you have the higher the production value.

Using a live stream as part of your PR campaign is a great way of promoting a brand.   Our equipment makes adding graphics extremely easy. All you have to do is supply any branding such as logos, pre-recorded video packages or text in advance and we can load it on to our system, ready to use during the stream!

Graphics are not only great for branding, they also up the production value of the project. For example, our software has a built in chroma key (link to green screen video). This means that we can film your spokesperson on a green screen and add in any background you like – all live, without any extensive post production!

One final amazing feature that I will share with you is that our software can connect to your Twitter feed. This enables you to monitor any tweets about your stream. With a few simple clicks we can then add the tweets to your live stream. An amazing feature that opens some great PR possibilities.

I could carry on with this blog for pages and pages, but if this has got you interested in what we can offer please give me a call on 0207 240 7373 or email rory@shoutcommunications.co.uk.

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