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Latest PR video trends….and a visit to broadcast’s biggest exhibition show

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By Rory Green, videographer at Shout! Communications

If you are using video in your PR campaign there are many different things to consider to ensure it gets the coverage you and your clients will be proud of. One thing that resonates well with online media outlets and social media is a video that feels on trend. Online video is an ever-changing world and what worked well last year can well seem dated, therefore, it’s a great idea to always be abreast of the next big trend.

The Broadcast Video Expo (BVE) is the UK’s biggest media technology event – an amazing experience for anyone interested in all types of moving pictures, and perfect for discovering new video trends! The event lasts for three days and is attended by 15,000 visitors all interested in testing out new media technology. While it is more focused on broadcast equipment, videographers who are working on branded and short form content can still learn a great deal.

As well as playing with cameras which cost tens of thousands of pounds I was also on the lookout for things that I could use on PR video shoots that could add more production value on a smaller budget.

Recently drone footage has become more popular than ever, as it can add beautiful establishing shots. Or if you are filming a large outdoor event, it can really show the scale of it. To get drone footage you need to get a professional drone pilot and permits. Sometimes PR video budgets can be small and turnaround time extremely tight. This can make getting drone footage quite difficult. However, one piece of great tech that was on show at BVE was a miniature drone, for under £300. This affordable drone does not go above 400ft which means no permit is required! While the quality will not be as good as the more expensive versions it is more than acceptable for online use.

BVE also had many companies showing off their streaming technology. Over the last year streaming has taken off and I can only see that continuing, especially with social media platforms adopting it.

Live streaming is a brilliant tool for PR. Since you are connecting directly with your target audience, you are engaging with them on a different level than a regular video. You may think that live streaming may be out of your budget but there are many options that can fit in any price range. I have written a blog about the different types of streaming here.

You couldn’t go anywhere at BVE without seeing someone showing off virtual reality. Without a doubt this will be the biggest thing over the next few years and even broadcast news journalists are talking about embracing it. While some may find this a little gimmicky I feel that it can really benefit a PR campaign. For example, if you are filming at an event, you could make a 360 degree video as some additional content to post up on your brands social media channels.  As you can watch the same video from different angles so the audience will watch multiple times. Videos are more likely to be shared if they offer the audience something new and interesting. Therefore, since the interactivity immerses the audience in the content, this is the case with VR video (providing it is used correctly!)

BVE is not just a place to see new technology. There are many talks and seminars from people in the industry about a variety of topics. Here are some take away points from some of the talks that I attended…

  • Try and make your branded content as cinematic as possible. This is something we strive to do at Shout! Communications. Wherever we can we try to enhance the production value of the videos we work on – whether that’s using a jib or a slider to get some interesting shots, or adding some effects in post-production.
  • Sound can make or break a video. We all know that poor sound in an interview is a big no-no. If the audience can’t hear an interview it’s completely pointless! However interesting sound design can really enhance a video’s production value.
  • Always add subtitles. Most video content is now consumed on mobile devices, and needs to work with the sound off. Therefore, sub titles are a must!

The BVE will be on next year and is a must for anyone who works on or with video content. I will be booking my tickets as soon as they’re available.

If you want some inspiration for an upcoming video campaign drop me an email at rory@shoutcommunications.co.uk or call me on 0207 240 7373. You can read more about PR video by downloading one of our E-books on the subject here.

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