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Integrated PR campaigns – how to successfully include broadcast PR

Arthur Perkins
Arthur Perkins
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When we talk of ‘integrated PR’ or an ‘integrated PR campaign’, the meaning can often be confusing. A phrase such as ‘multi-channel campaign’ is possibly a better explanation of what the terms generally mean: a message or messages delivered consistently across all mediums.

Any multi-channel campaign would be naïve to omit considering broadcast as part of its wide-reach. As a nation, 91% of us now listen to the radio in the UK. Not only this, but millions tune in to TV as well each and every week supported ever more by online video content.

Therefore, the complex machine that is PR is missing a vital component if it doesn’t include broadcast as part of its reach. However, not only does the campaign need to target broadcast media, it also needs to ensure it remains consistent with the print activity so that messages aren’t lost.

The media landscape looks very different today than it did 10 – 15 years ago. Broadcast PR in the past simply included straightforward TV and radio interviews, but it has now expanded to include video blogging, newsreels and online feature videos.

Many campaigns make a point of overtly cross-promoting the integration. For example, a print article may refer to a YouTube link (or embedded video on their own website) to expand on the story or put moving pictures to the words. Other campaigns have a simpler message or set of messages, and so a simple blanket of print, online and radio/TV coverage pushes the point across.

At Shout! Communications, we are well versed in multi-channel or ‘integrated’ campaigns for our clients. We are often asked to align any key messages included in our broadcast coverage to the print activity being undertaken by the PR agency or in-house team we are supporting.

By ensuring that broadcast PR is a strong part of an integrated campaign, the messages that you are trying to communicate will be stronger and resonate with a target audience much more than if they are considered as an after-thought or separate campaign. Thinking of broadcast PR from the moment you develop your integrated strategy will strengthen the overall campaign.

The way we now consume media has changed dramatically, with consumers cherry-picking different channels and different times of the day. Ensuring your campaign is fully integrated across multimedia, including print, broadcast and online, will ensure that you effectively target much more of your intended audience.

If you want to learn more about how to use video as part of integrated PR campaign, download our free guide for expert tips on optimising video for your brand. 

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