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How to tell it’s time to hire a broadcast PR consultancy

Arthur Perkins
Arthur Perkins
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Broadcast PR consultancy

Managing all your broadcast PR activities yourself might seem like the most financially feasible option – but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best ROI.

So how do you know when it might be better to outsource? Here are some signs that might indicate you need some extra support:

You’re struggling to get your pitches picked up by TV, online and radio outlets

Competition to get on air is huge and there could be a myriad of reasons why your story isn’t getting the attention you hoped it would. Does the story suit the audience? Is it too “commercial”? Is the press release written in the style of the station or website or does it look more like a newspaper article?

By hiring a broadcast PR consultancy, you’ll get tailored advice about how to make your story as palatable as possible for television, radio and online; from headlines to spokepeople, filming opportunities and technical support – the easier you make it for the journalist, the more likely you are to secure coverage.

You’re confident you’ve got the basics of the story right, but you don’t have the right industry contacts to reach out to and secure coverage

You can get lucky and get your story booked-in through a planning desk, but if it’s rejected by planning you need to know some other routes! Broadcast PR consultancies have the added advantage of speaking with producers, journalists and content editors every day, and have formed strong relationships with media channels. This means that you have a greater chance of achieving coverage due to the vast contacts book they’ve established.  

You’re lacking specific key skills, like video editing or podcast production

Content, content, content – never has there been as much demand from broadcast media for video and audio content. But whether your target is TV, online or radio, all media avenues will be looking for quality. These days anyone can produce content – but it needs to be engaging, tailored content to work for PR. When you hire a broadcast consultancy, you have the added value of synergy between the content creation and media relations meaning the campaign remains targeted at all times and stays on message.

Still weighing up the pros and cons of hiring a specialist broadcast agency? Here are the top three benefits of outsourcing your next campaign:

Your story will be newsworthy

You may be wondering why your previous in-house broadcast campaigns haven’t been as successful as you’d hoped. It may be that the story just doesn’t seem newsworthy to the journalist.

When you are working on campaigns in-house, it is easy to get so absorbed in the story you lose the ability to remain objective. A specialist broadcast PR consultancy can assess your campaign and intended messages objectively and judge a worthy news angle that will gain coverage over an overly commercial ‘advert’.  A broadcast specialist will also be able to advise what sort of campaign will most be of most benefit – whether, for example, an online video might be a better use of budget than a radio day.

Your story will appeal to your target audience

If it isn’t the newsworthiness that is blocking the campaign getting coverage, it could be that it is the wrong audience. For example, if your story features Dizzie Rascal, then you are more likely to get coverage with Sky or ITV than you are with BBC Breakfast.

Your story will showcase a key message

Once you have secured the coverage the hard work doesn’t stop there.  A successful interview includes the communication of key messages, without being overly commercial.  It’s a fine-line but a good broadcast PR specialist will advise you how far you can go with branding. Generally, two visual or spoken mentions of a brand or product is acceptable.  Any more is called an advert!

For more advice on securing broadcast PR coverage, download our free media relations guide full of top tips from experts in the field. Or get in touch with a member of our team to see how Shout! Communications can help you with your next broadcast PR campaign.

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